Discover the 5 Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Hartford, Vermont

Hartford, Vermont, possesses a storied past, picturesque landscapes, and a multicultural society. Additionally, it shelters a few of the state’s underappreciated districts. These areas offer delightful residences, welcoming neighborhoods, and a plethora of points of interest. Here are five such most underrated neighborhoods:

Hartford Village

This area in Hartford is the oldest and holds significant historical value. Here, you can appreciate the architectural styles from the 1700s and 1800s. The Hartford Village Historic District comprises sections of Hartford Main Street, Park Street, Pleasant Street, School Street, Summer Street, Elmwood Court, and Mapleside Terrace.

You also have the opportunity to explore the Hartford Historical Society Museum, the First Congregational Church, and the Hartford Cemetery. Hartford Village offers a serene and charming living environment, characterized by a close-knit community and a rich heritage.

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Quechee stands as a village nestled along the Ottauquechee River, celebrated for its unspoiled charm and range of outdoor pursuits. The locale offers opportunities for hiking, biking, skiing, golfing, and fishing. Visitors can also explore attractions such as the Quechee Gorge State Park, the Vermont Institute of Natural Science, and the Simon Pearce Glassblowing Studio.

An annual highlight is the Quechee Hot Air Balloon Craft and Music Festival, drawing numerous attendees annually. For those who cherish nature and seek adventure, Quechee emerges as an idyllic community.

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White River Junction

White River Junction stands as a lively and creative village situated at the point where the White and Connecticut rivers meet. This village serves as the heart of Hartford, boasting a variety of theaters, galleries, studios, cafes, and shops.

For those interested in the history of railways, the New England Transportation Institute and Museum offer an opportunity to delve into the past. Additionally, the historic White River Junction Railroad Station provides a chance to board trains heading to Boston or New York. In essence, White River Junction caters to individuals who value artistic expression and a range of cultures.

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Wilder stands as a village along the Connecticut River, taking its name from Charles Wilder, a notable 19th-century mill owner. This village showcases a blend of residential and industrial sectors, accompanied by riverside parks and trails. Notably, the Wilder Dam and Reservoir are open for exploration, serving both hydroelectric needs and recreational pursuits in the surrounding area.

For those seeking a taste of community life, the Wilder Club and Library, established in 1880, offers a hub for social interactions and learning. With its emphasis on convenience and easy access, Wilder caters to individuals who prioritize these qualities in a neighborhood.

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West Hartford

West Hartford stands as a quaint rural village along the Appalachian Trail, enveloped by hills and forests. This serene haven offers a peaceful and sheltered living experience, allowing you to relish in Vermont’s picturesque landscapes and diverse wildlife.

Exploring the West Hartford Library is another option, granting residents access to books, events, and online resources. West Hartford caters to individuals in pursuit of a life marked by tranquility and uncomplicated pleasures.

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Here are a few of the neighborhoods that contribute to Hartford, Vermont being a wonderful place to reside. If you’re seeking a new residence in this town, these five choices are certainly worth your consideration. Their allure and attractiveness might catch you by surprise.

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