Most Safest Neighborhoods in York County

Discover the 5 Most Safest Neighborhoods in York County, Maine

The county of York in Maine is a beautiful and historically significant area that is home to a wide array of points of interest and activities that are available to both locals and tourists. There is something for everyone to do in York County, whether you are seeking for a beach escape, a cultural experience, or an adventure in the natural world.

If you are searching for a place to live in York County that is both safe and secure, which communities would you recommend? According to Niche and NeighborhoodScout, the following five communities have earned good marks for their quality of life and their ability to avoid crime.


There are a number of beaches, hiking paths, and a dog park in the lovely town of Kennebunk, which is situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, it is home to one of the most prestigious public schools in the state of Maine, which is both encouraging of academic endeavors and focused on athletics.

Living in this town is very stress-free because to the strong presence of the police force. Enjoyable things for tourists to do in Kennebunk include going to one of the city’s many restaurants or music venues.

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Kennebunkport is another one of those delightful seaside towns that became renowned when it was revealed that former President George H.W. Bush spent his summers there. It is home to some adorable stores, some fantastic restaurants, and some breathtaking beaches.

The city celebrates Christmas and the yearly lighting of the town tree by hosting events over the winter months that draw in thousands of visitors. The public schools in the town are also among the best in Maine, and the community as a whole is highly welcoming and focused on families.

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Kittery is a lovely neighborhood that is populated by individuals that are generous and driven to succeed. It is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in York County as well as a number of outlet malls that are popular destinations for people in the area.

Kittery is well-known not only for its closeness to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, but also for its rich maritime heritage. The community is known for its great quality of life and its low rate of overall crime.

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South Berwick

South Berwick is an amazing town that possesses a substantial cultural and historical legacy. In addition to being the place of birth of the well-known American author Sarah Orne Jewett, it is also the location of the annual Strawberry Festival, which honors the region’s agricultural production as well as its artistic creations.

In addition to its many parks, trails, and rivers, the downtown area of South Berwick is bustling with activity because to the town’s assortment of stores, cafes, and restaurants. The town has a strong sense of community and offers a high level of safety.

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Saco is a suburb that is close to the city of Portland and provides residents with convenient access to metropolitan amenities as well as urban forms of entertainment. It is home to a multicultural population and boasts a robust economy that is driven by tourism, industry, and educational opportunities.

Funtown Splashtown USA, Ferry Beach State Park, and the Saco Museum are just a few of the many attractions that can be found in Saco. Both the rate of violent crime and the overall quality of life in the area are above average.

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If you are seeking for a place to live that combines safety, comfort, and enjoyment, York County, Maine is an excellent option. According to the statistics and accounts provided by reputable sources, the following five localities are among the most secure areas in which to make your home in all of York County.

Niche and NeighborhoodScout are two websites that might provide you with additional information in the event that you are considering moving to York County or traveling to any of these neighborhoods.