Most Worst Neighborhoods in Glasgow

Discover the 5 Most Worst Neighborhoods in Glasgow, Delaware

Glasgow, located in New Castle County, Delaware, is designated as a census-designated place with an approximate population of 15,000 residents. It falls within the Philadelphia metropolitan area and is characterized as a suburban region rather than a city.

In terms of safety, according to data from Crime Grade, Glasgow has received a D grade for its overall crime rate. This rating suggests that it is more prone to criminal activities compared to the average American city. The specific crime rate in Glasgow stands at 47.76 incidents per 1,000 residents, surpassing both the state average of 38.69 and the national average of 22.0.

The crime map employs color coding to distinguish safety levels within Glasgow. Green areas denote the safest locations, while red highlights the most perilous areas, and yellow signifies moderately safe zones.

It’s important to note that the map’s color coding takes into account the type and severity of crimes, meaning that red areas may not necessarily pose a constant threat to residents living there but may be more concerning for visitors or those employed in these areas.

Taking into consideration the crime map and various information sources, here are some of the neighborhoods in Glasgow that are regarded as having higher crime rates:


This district lies to the south of Glasgow, close to the Maryland border. It grapples with significant challenges, including elevated rates of poverty, unemployment, and crime, with a notable emphasis on violent offenses.

A stark economic disparity exists here, with a substantial portion of the population residing in inadequate housing and facing limited opportunities.

The area boasts a diverse community, featuring immigrants hailing from South Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. Moreover, it showcases a blend of historical architecture and cultural landmarks, exemplified by sites like Pollokshields Burgh Hall and Pollokshields East railway station.

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This district lies on Glasgow’s western flank, adjacent to Route 40. Its abundance of retail outlets may potentially lead to increased crime rates and traffic congestion. Moreover, compared to the wider Glasgow area, this neighborhood boasts a lower median income and a higher poverty rate.

Situated within the Salisbury metropolitan region in Maryland, this locality should not be mistaken for Millsboro, Delaware, a town located in Sussex County.

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This district lies on Glasgow’s northern side, adjacent to Route 896. It boasts a dense population but features a lower median income compared to the city’s average. Moreover, it experiences a higher incidence of property crimes compared to other areas within Glasgow.

Within this neighborhood, you’ll find West Laurel, one of Delaware’s most ancient free black communities, established in the 1790’s. Sussex County, Delaware, also houses another town and the county seat known as Laurel.

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This district lies on Glasgow’s eastern side, close to Route 72. It exhibits a lower median income and a higher poverty rate compared to the remainder of Glasgow. Furthermore, it experiences a higher incidence of violent crime in contrast to the broader Glasgow area.

This neighborhood takes its name from Camden, New Jersey, situated just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. Additionally, there’s another Camden in Kent County, Delaware, a town in close proximity to Dover.

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This district is situated in the southeastern part of Glasgow, close to Route 71. It boasts a lower median income and a more elevated poverty rate compared to the broader Glasgow area. Furthermore, it experiences higher rates of both property and violent crime than the rest of Glasgow.

Interestingly, this neighborhood shares its name with Georgetown, Delaware, a charming town that serves as the county seat of Sussex County. Georgetown, Delaware, is renowned for its historic architecture and hosts the biennial Return Day festival.

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Please be aware that this compilation is not exhaustive or authoritative; it is constructed from accessible data and sources. Numerous other factors, including education, health, environment, culture, etc., can influence the safety and quality of life in various neighborhoods. Consequently, regard this list not as a recommendation or counsel, but as an informative reference.