Most Worst Neighborhoods in Sweetwater County

Discover the 5 Most Worst Neighborhoods in Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Sweetwater County holds the distinction of being the largest county in Wyoming, encompassing a vast expanse of 10,491 square miles. Approximately 42,000 individuals call this county home, relishing in the captivating natural beauty, storied past, and varied cultural tapestry that the region offers. However, the safety and quality of life across Sweetwater County’s locales are not uniform.

Certain neighborhoods grapple with elevated instances of criminal activity, impoverishment, and societal challenges, setting them apart from the rest. In the forthcoming article, we will delve into the five worst neighborhoods in Sweetwater County facing the most pronounced challenges, drawing insights from sources such as the U.S. Census Bureau and

North Rock Springs

North Rock Springs stands as a district within Rock Springs city, which claims the title of the most sizable and densely populated in Sweetwater County. The populace of North Rock Springs hovers around 4,000 individuals, with a median household income of approximately $54,000. Positioned close to the crossroads of Interstate 80 and Highway 191, the neighborhood is host to numerous commercial establishments and conveniences.

Nevertheless, North Rock Springs is not without its downsides. The area grapples with a notable frequency of property-related offenses, recording 1,338 occurrences per 100,000 residents during 2019. Educational achievement also falls on the lower side, with merely 15% of adults having attained a bachelor’s degree or beyond. While North Rock Springs doesn’t claim the lowest position among neighborhoods in the county, it does not rank among the highest either.

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Reliance, a census-designated place (CDP) situated in Sweetwater County, is home to approximately 700 residents. Positioned alongside the Green River, around 10 miles to the east of Rock Springs, Reliance was once a vibrant coal mining hub. However, its fortunes waned following the closure of mines during the 1950s. Today, Reliance stands as an economically challenged and remote community, offering limited prospects and amenities.

The typical household in Reliance earns a median income of $32,000, and a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line. In 2019, the CDP experienced a significant rate of violent crime, recording 184 incidents per 100,000 inhabitants. Reliance remains a place where many individuals encounter difficulties in making both ends meet.

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Clearview Acres

Clearview Acres stands as another Census Designated Place (CDP) within Sweetwater County, accommodating a populace of roughly 500 individuals. Positioned in proximity to the Wyoming State Penitentiary, approximately 15 miles to the southern extent of Rock Springs, Clearview Acres is characterized by its rural seclusion, boasting only a limited array of conveniences and attractions.

Within Clearview Acres, the median annual household income registers at $29,000, while the poverty rate rests at 28%. Indicatively, the CDP also contends with a heightened incidence of property crimes, accounting for 1,885 occurrences per 100,000 residents during the year 2019. The community of Clearview Acres encapsulates a setting wherein numerous inhabitants endure challenging circumstances characterized by economic hardship and compromised safety.

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James Town

James Town, a CDP situated in Sweetwater County, is home to approximately 500 individuals. Nestled close to the Flaming Gorge Reservoir, around 25 miles to the south of Green River, it serves as a hub for recreation and tourism. Its proximity to the reservoir grants access to a range of outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, camping, and hiking. Nevertheless, alongside its appealing aspects, James Town grapples with notable challenges.

With a median household income resting at $26,000, and a poverty rate of 36%, financial struggles are prevalent in James Town. Moreover, the CDP contends with a considerable occurrence of violent crime, registering 367 incidents per 100,000 residents in 2019. Hence, James Town stands as a community marked by adversity and hazards for many of its residents.

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Wamsutter stands as a town nestled in Sweetwater County, boasting a populace of around 400 individuals. Situated along Interstate 80, approximately 70 miles to the east of Rock Springs, Wamsutter is a hub for the oil and gas sector, featuring a multitude of wells and pipelines in its vicinity. The town offers a selection of amenities and essential services, including a school, library, post office, and fire department.

Despite these offerings, Wamsutter grapples with significant challenges. The median household income within the town rests at $24,000, while the poverty rate soars at 40%. Moreover, the town contends with elevated rates of violent and property crimes, registering 464 and 1,993 incidents per 100,000 residents respectively in the year 2019. Wamsutter stands as a place where numerous individuals confront dire impoverishment and instability.

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Sweetwater County, located in Wyoming, is characterized by its vast size and diverse landscapes, offering a range of attractions and prospects for both residents and visitors. Nevertheless, there exists variation in the safety and quality of life across different neighborhoods within Sweetwater County. Disparities are evident in crime rates, poverty levels, and societal issues.

This article delves into an analysis of the five most worst neighborhoods in Sweetwater County, drawing upon information from sources such as the U.S. Census Bureau and The neighborhoods in question are North Rock Springs, Reliance, Clearview Acres, James Town, and Wamsutter. These areas present a multitude of daily challenges and risks for their inhabitants.

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