Mother Demands Justice: 14-Year-Old Son Shot on Miami Beach Boardwalk

Mother Demands Justice: 14-Year-Old Son Shot on Miami Beach Boardwalk

After being shot on the Miami Beach Boardwalk, a mother said that her 14-year-old son’s life has been permanently altered.

State attorneys avoided the chance that the 19-year-old shooter, Bryan Rodriguez, might be granted an early release from custody by bringing last-minute charges against him on Tuesday.

Rodriguez was charged with three counts of aggravated assault and attempted second-degree murder. He entered a not guilty plea.

Around three in the morning in February, according to the police, Rodriguez fired shots at a group of youngsters on the Miami Beach Boardwalk.

“He got shot in the tibia — the tibia is shattered, by the way. There are fragment pieces that cannot be removed,” the victim’s mother, Maye Hernandez, stated. “Those will stay there to hope strengthen the bone based on what the doctors told us.”

According to Ramirez, her son, 14, was wounded in the leg and is still recuperating while confined to a wheelchair.

“What hurts me the most is my son is 14, and a 19-year-old with a gun — and I don’t know why he was with a gun in the first place. He shouldn’t be with a gun, he shot my son,” Ramirez stated.

Until his trial, Rodriguez is being held without bond in a prison cell. Marks stated that he must look into the minors’ early morning activities on Miami Beach and any potential curfew statute violations.

“Why did they approach Bryan and his girlfriend and his other friend? Why didn’t they just stay where they were?” Marks stated.

Marks hopes that at an Arthur Hearing, his client will bond. The hearing has not been assigned a date yet.

“I just want him to pay for what he did to my son. I want justice to be served. No parent, no mother should go through this,” Ramirez stated.