Mother's Heartbreaking Goodbye: Florida Woman's Final Words to Children on Phone Before Fatal Collision
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Mother’s Heartbreaking Goodbye: Florida Woman’s Final Words to Children on Phone Before Fatal Collision

A candlelit memorial has been arranged at a tragic intersection where three children and their grandmother tragically lost their lives.

Authorities have reported that a teenager, driving at excessive speed, collided with the family’s vehicle. Now, the mother of the victims is sharing her thoughts and feelings on the matter.

Sabrina Hernandez stands at the intersection of San Miguel Street and Laurel Avenue, where her family was murdered, and says, “I’m dying inside. I don’t get to see my children anymore, I don’t get to see my mother anymore.”

The ages of her three kids were 1, 9, and 11.

Hernandez stated,” I’m the mother of Mylie Cruz, Marvin Cruz and Anayari Hernandez and Trinidad Hernandez was my mom.” adding that her 52-year-old father is in critical condition.

Troopers reported that a speeding teenager disregarded the stop sign and crashed into the car containing Sabrina’s family.

Hernandez stated that, “This is the outcome. I lost my entire family. Right here in this spot, I will never wake up and see my children again.”

She disclosed the last time she spoke with them, “My son called me and said, ‘Mommy we’re 15 minutes away.’ I said, ‘OK, I’ll see you in a bit. I love you.’ And he said, ‘I love you, too.”

The fact that they didn’t return home gave her a bad feeling.

Hernandez told that, “I started calling my son, my mom and my dad and nobody was answering. And I started getting this gut feeling like something was wrong.”

When she reached the hospital, she got the shocking news. Sabrina couldn’t understand as to why there were no stop signs or traffic lights at this crossing.

She said, “Are we not worth it in Poinciana? Do we count at all?”

“What do you have to say to the teenager who did this?” “I forgive you,” she said. That’s because I’m a Christian and I believe in Jesus.”

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