NYC Man Holds Drug Dealer's Severed Head in Fridge for 2 Years

NYC Man Holds Drug Dealer’s Severed Head in Fridge for 2 Years

The man from Brooklyn, who is charged with murder on Friday, stuck his tongue out at bystanders after it was revealed that he killed a sex offender after a drug-related altercation and kept his severed head in a freezer for two years.

This Monday, 45-year-old Nicolas McGee—who was being detained in connection with an identity theft case in Chesapeake, Virginia—was extradited to New York.

The 40-year-old Kawsheen Gelzer’s death was connected to a face tattoo, robbery, hiding of a human corpse, and tampering with physical evidence. The suspect, who had a rumpled shirt on, posed for pictures and was led out of the NYPD’s 67th Precinct.

When police discovered local drug dealer Gelzer’s severed head and other body parts hidden in a freezer inside an apartment on Nostrand Avenue in January, they opened an investigation into the matter.

At the time of the graphic discovery, Heather Stines, McGee’s 45-year-old wife, was residing in the flat.

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According to law enforcement officials, she told authorities that McGee killed Gelzer in September after they got into an argument over narcotics. He then dismembered Gelzer and hid his body parts.

After offering McGee a cigarette, Virginia authorities apparently got him to tell the whole truth. McGee claimed to have “just snapped” and killed Gelzer on March 22, 2022, which is 17 months earlier than they had initially thought.

According to sources, McGee stated that during the one-hour interrogation, Gelzer merely asked “why” in his final moments.

NYC Man Holds Drug Dealer's Severed Head in Fridge for 2 Years

“Because you’re a piece of shit! And I’m sick of you!” McGee replied, as per the accounts.

After the couple let him stay on their couch, McGee allegedly told the police that he was angry at Gelzer for not being generous with his narcotics stash.

McGee claimed that Gelzer was impolite to his hosts, as well. Gelzer had been on the state sex offender registry after he was found guilty of abusing a 12-year-old kid in 2005.

He told police he was asleep on the couch when McGee reportedly grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him in the back.

There was a struggle that didn’t stop until Gelzer took many stab wounds and a hammer blow. McGee said that although Stines was home at the time, he did not take part in the killing directly, according to sources.

Gelzer’s body was left in the flat by the couple for a few days before it began to decay.

The body was then allegedly sliced up by McGee and Stines alternately with a tiny saw and placed in plastic bags inside a suitcase that was placed in the refrigerator.

According to the reports, after slicing up Gelzer’s body and consuming a bottle of vodka, they took drugs from the deceased man’s pockets.

Police claimed McGee said, “I got to cut this motherf–ker up.”

He claimed to have placed the bones there and attempted to forget about them.

Tenants stated that Stines had become nervous about admitting anyone into the apartment in the weeks prior to police finding the dismembered body parts.

Following the eventual police raid, Stines was charged with concealing a corpse and had a mental health assessment. According to internet records, she is being held at the Rose M. Singer Center and is scheduled to return to court on May 24.

Justice Jane Tully arraigned McGee in Brooklyn Supreme Court and ordered his detention without bond. On Monday, he is expected back in court.

“This was a gruesome and horrific murder that we allege began with an attack on the victim as he slept,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez stated. “We will now seek to hold the defendant accountable for this senseless crime.”