Father of Six Murdered in West Perrine Shooting

Father of Six Murdered in West Perrine Shooting

An early morning shooting in West Perrine resulted in the destruction of a car and the death of its driver. It occurred in the 10100 block of West Hibiscus Street.

The deceased man’s family identified him as Calvin Daye. They claimed he was in his late twenties and a father of six. They said Daye was leaving his sister’s residence shortly before 3 a.m. when his car was shot at.

He lost control, went into the median, hit a sign, and came to a halt in front of a house approximately a block distant. He was transferred to a hospital, where he died.

A woman who lives in the house close to where the car came to a halt stated that she was the one who contacted 911.

“I went to the door and this car had hit a sign, and ran into the bushes on Hibiscus Street, and went up into my next-door neighbor’s yard. When I looked at the car, I dialed 911 cause I saw gunshots in the passenger side and the back window was shot completely out,” she stated.

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Mark Harris oversees a gun violence prevention program in West Perrine. He knew Dayle and described him as a good man.

“I think it’s senseless. A life is very precious. You can take a life but you can’t give a life. So how can you take other’s peoples lives? How can you do that?” he stated.

Daye’s family said they have many questions, like who did this and was he targeted. They said they wouldn’t rest until they got answers.