Trump Administration Contemplates Altering Ukraine Aid to Loan Structure

Trump Administration Contemplates Altering Ukraine Aid to Loan Structure

On Friday, the former president indicated that he would be willing to allow Republicans to approve further funding for Ukraine’s battle against Russia, provided that the funding took the shape of a loan.

Speaking at Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-La.) Mar-a-Lago estate, Trump stated, “We’re looking at it right now, and they’re talking about it, and we’re thinking about making it in the form of a loan instead of just a gift.”

“We keep handing out gifts of billions and billions of dollars, and we’ll take a look at it,” Trump added. “But much more importantly to me is the fact that Europe has to step up, and they have to give money. They have to equalize. If they don’t equalize I’m very upset about it, because they’re affected much more than we are.”

Trump has been expressing doubts for months about the United States helping Ukraine fight Russia. He claims that backing for Ukraine is not in the best interests of the United States and that the majority of the help should go to Europe.

His opinions have a significant impact on his congressional friends, making it challenging to approve Ukraine aid legislation in the GOP-controlled House.

As he attempts to assist Kyiv’s struggling forces, Johnson finds himself in a political minefield due to the former president’s position.

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The United States has given Ukraine billions of dollars in aid, both military and humanitarian, but late last year it ran out of money that Congress had authorized.

For months, the Biden White House has begged Congress to approve additional funding for Ukraine while its armed forces fight to repel Russian aggression.

President Biden and others have maintained time and time again that it is in America’s best interests to back Ukraine because, should Russia beat it, it may invade a NATO partner, entangling American soldiers in a larger battle.

A $95 billion national security financing package that included $60 billion in aid for Ukraine was approved by the Senate last month.

However, as Trump loyalists in the House have been increasingly adamant about opposing more help to Kiev, Johnson has declined to bring the bill to a vote.