Officer Daricaud is Cheered as He Leaves the Jacksonville Hospital.

Officer Daricaud is Cheered as He Leaves the Jacksonville Hospital.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Officer Daricaud was shot on the job in late March. He was released from the hospital and is now going to a place where he can get better.

In a video provided by the Fraternal Order of Police Jacksonville (FL Lodge 5-30), Daricaud is wheeled out of the hospital to cheers.

“His Blue Family greeted him and helped him get out,” FOP wrote. “Please continue to pray for our officer!”

Last week, Officer Malik Daricaud’s wife, Jasmine Faison, talked to First Coast News for the first time.

She claimed that her husband is determined to get better, but he’s making slow progress because he has a long way to go.

She said there is no time frame for his recovery because his injuries are so bad.

On March 26, the shooting took place on the Westside of the city near Morse Avenue. Police went to the home of Tyliko Maduro. They wanted to talk to him because he drove away too fast from a traffic stop a week earlier.

JSO said that they went to the door and knocked, but no one answered. Police were able to convince Maduro’s mother to let them in. Officer Daricuad was shot, according to the police. He was sent to the hospital quickly since his injuries were so bad.

Sheriff TK Waters added that he doesn’t know if Daricaud will ever be a cop again because the shot could have killed someone.

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