On the Up: Meet the 5 Cities Driving Arkansas' Growth Surge

On the Up: Meet the 5 Cities Driving Arkansas’ Growth Surge

Some of the nation’s fastest growing cities are located in Arkansas, which is also known as “The Natural State” due to its beautiful scenery and abundance of outdoor activities.

These cities, located in the middle of America, are not only expanding but also prospering as a result of their distinctive combination of Southern charm, job prospects, and high standard of living.

We investigate the inner workings of these places and the factors drawing in a new generation of Arkansans, from the energetic college town of Fayetteville to the busy streets of Bentonville, home of Walmart’s global headquarters.

Join us as we explore the causes of their remarkable growth spurts and the mysteries behind their success.


Fayetteville, which is home to the University of Arkansas, has grown in stature academically and is a growing city. Its appeal is evident in the 11% population growth, which is supported by a bustling downtown, beautiful parks, and cultural institutions like the Walton Arts Center.

The reasonable $375,000 median sale price of homes in Fayetteville suggests a steady and reasonably well-off real estate market. This number implies that the area’s real estate is highly valuable, perhaps as a result of features like community appeal or convenient location.

A two-bedroom apartment may be rented for, on average, a very reasonable $900 per month for people looking for rental housing.

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As the fastest-growing city in Arkansas, Bentonville leads the pack. With a 15% increase in population between 2017 and 2021, Bentonville is home to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and a plethora of various dining options, including Tusk & Trotter American Brasserie.

On the Up: Meet the 5 Cities Driving Arkansas' Growth Surge

The healthy real estate market in Bentonville is reflected in the hefty $485,000 median sale price of homes. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the neighborhood is roughly $1,675, which suggests that there is competition in the rental market for people looking for housing.

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There has been a 4% growth in Jonesboro’s population during 2017, which is home to Arkansas State University. Residents can combine a laid-back lifestyle with intellectual energy in this city that strikes a balance between recreation and educational options.

The median sale price of a property in Jonesboro is $245,000, which represents the trends in the local housing market. The typical rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the city is about $825, which gives prospective tenants an idea of how much living expenses are there.

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The 10% increase in population that Springdale has seen since 2017 is evidence of its natural beauty and outdoor activities. Its attractiveness is enhanced by a welcoming community and well-known local establishments like Neal’s Cafe, making this city more than simply a starting point for exploring the Ozarks; it’s a place to call home.

On the Up: Meet the 5 Cities Driving Arkansas' Growth Surge

The stable housing market and desirability of Springdale are reflected in the area’s solid $308,000 median sale price for properties. For individuals looking to rent, a two-bedroom apartment typically costs about $1,050 a month.

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Little Rock

Little Rock’s steady growth, although not being at the top of the charts, is indicative of its standing as a stable and diversified economic hub. It’s a city that respects the past while advancing its present with historical sites and a thriving small business community.

The median sale price of a property in Little Rock is $230,000, indicating a steady state of the housing market. A two-bedroom apartment is an economical option for many folks looking for rental housing, with an average monthly of about $978.

To Conclude

Arkansas’s thriving cities give the “Natural State” label a whole new meaning. Whether it’s the youthful vibrancy of Fayetteville or the well-established charm of Little Rock, every burgeoning city offers a different combination of opportunity, affordability, and Southern hospitality.

There is an Arkansas city that is ideal for your lifestyle, whether you’re looking for outdoor activities, cultural attractions, or a strong employment market.

So gather your belongings and find out why these exciting locations are drawing in new citizens and changing the story of Arkansas’ urban landscape.


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