Orlando Couple in Custody Following Kidnapping, Robbery, and Shooting Incident

Orlando Couple in Custody Following Kidnapping, Robbery, and Shooting Incident

A man and a woman have been taken into custody in connection with an attempted robbery that resulted in a shooting in downtown Orlando on Monday afternoon.

Orlando police received a call regarding a shooting in the Rosemont area just after 2 p.m. on Monday.

The officers arrived at the corner of East Central Blvd. and North Rosalind Ave. where they discovered a man with a gunshot wound to his leg. He was transported to the hospital and stabilized.

Investigators obtained surveillance footage showing an altercation between two vehicles prior to the shooting.

According to the police, detectives from the Crime Center used the video footage to trace the suspected vehicle to a private dirt lot beside a residence on West Jefferson Street.

While officers secured the area, a man later identified as 30-year-old Kevin Johnson emerged from an apartment at the location and stated that he resided there.

After investigators determined they lacked probable cause to detain him at that time, Johnson was allowed to leave.

Following a conversation with the victim at the hospital, the police report stated that he identified 26-year-old Dekayla Gray as one of the individuals involved in the shooting. Gray was also identified as the registered owner of the suspected vehicle.

The victim informed the police that he had arranged to meet Gray at the Rosemont Community Center to purchase fraudulent credit cards.

Upon arrival, the victim claimed that Gray returned to her car to retrieve something when two armed men suddenly appeared and forced him into the back seat of his own car.

The victim stated that Gray took the driver’s seat while one of the suspects in the back seat continued to point a gun at him.

The victim recounted that the suspects demanded money from him, but when he didn’t have any, they drove him around the city, coercing him to withdraw money. The victim told the police that he was repeatedly struck with a firearm while Gray continued to drive, and a third suspect followed them in Gray’s vehicle.

According to the victim, he attempted to locate police officers while they were driving to alert them to the kidnapping. However, as they approached the intersection of East Central Blvd. and North Rosalind Ave., the victim decided to make a run for it.

The victim stated that he fled from the back seat of the car in an attempt to escape, which led to a struggle in the middle of the road. The victim claimed that as he ran, he heard gunshots fired in his direction and was shot in the leg.

A nearby Lynx bus was also struck by gunfire, but neither the driver nor the passengers were injured.

Investigators presented a photo lineup to the victim, including Gray and Kevin Johnson. Detectives later discovered that Johnson had a child with Gray.

The victim was then able to positively identify both of them as being involved in the kidnapping and robbery that ultimately resulted in him being shot.

Johnson was arrested and charged with first-degree attempted murder, armed kidnapping, carjacking with a firearm, and shooting into an occupied vehicle.

Investigators determined that Gray had “baited” the victim into coming to the community center. She was also charged with first-degree attempted murder, armed kidnapping, and carjacking with a firearm.

Both Johnson and Gray are currently being held in the Orange County jail without bond.

The third suspect remains unidentified.