Orlando Mother Arrested After Baby's 18 Rib Fractures Revealed

Orlando Mother Arrested After Baby’s 18 Rib Fractures Revealed

According to the Orlando Police Department, a lady was taken into custody on Wednesday after her 4-month-old child was admitted to the hospital with eighteen fractured ribs.

On Wednesday, 25-year-old Vanessa Rodriguez-Vazquez was taken into custody. Following the baby’s medical examination on Tuesday afternoon, police claimed they were summoned to a children’s hospital.

According to an arrest affidavit, the doctor informed the authorities of the rib fractures upon arrival and stated that they were healing in different phases.

Investigators said the doctor warned police the youngster may have been abused. Apart from the fractures, there were no signs of any other health issues.

Officers claimed that when they met with Rodriguez-Vazquez, the mother, she had already seemed to be crying.

“She felt [REDACTED] did not want her affection but felt as though she was affectionate to her father.” as per the affidavit”

The accusation against Vazquez-Rodriguez is severe child abuse. There is no bond on her.