Orlando Police Release Body Cam Footage of Fatal Knife-Wielding Incident

Orlando Police Release Body Cam Footage of Fatal Knife-Wielding Incident

ORLANDO, Fla. — On Wednesday, the Orlando police released body camera footage depicting the events leading up to the shooting and fatal outcome of a woman wielding a knife, at the hands of officers.

On July 14th, law enforcement responded to a call in the 12000 block of Pioneers Way, initiated by the 32-year-old Rachael Ellis’ boyfriend, who dialed 911. He informed the police that Ellis was in possession of a knife and exhibiting suicidal tendencies.

Within the parking lot, an officer attempted to maintain a calm conversation with Ellis over the phone, as she discussed both self-inflicted harm and harm towards others.

Officer: “Ma’am, how can I assist you? Please talk to me.”

Subsequently, the police approached the apartment where Ellis was situated. Positioned near the door, a crisis negotiator endeavored to coax Ellis outside.

Officer: “I acknowledge your pain, but I simply wish to converse with you out here.”

However, the door remained closed.

“We only aim to offer you assistance, Rachael.”

After a brief exchange on the phone, Ellis terminated the call. A mere two minutes later, she opened the door and emerged, clutching a knife.

Officer: “Hello, Rachael. Kindly put down the knife.”

She declined, reentered the apartment, and shut the door. A few moments transpired before she reemerged, this time holding two knives.

Officer: “No, stop, Rachael! Stop!”

In response, two officers discharged their firearms, resulting in Ellis’s demise as she advanced towards them.

The Orlando police are currently conducting an internal investigation. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is also examining the incident. The subsequent findings will be forwarded to the State Attorney’s Office for assessment.

The police clarified that the circumstances unfolded in a manner where Tasers were not a viable option.

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