Pahokee Murder Suspect Finally Caught in Orlando Police Share the Latest Details!

Pahokee Murder Suspect Finally Caught in Orlando: Police Share the Latest Details!

PAHOKEE — The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said Monday that a 25-year-old man from Pahokee, Florida, was sent from Central Florida to face charges in Palm Beach County for a fatal shooting in February.

Investigators say that Sheldon Miles Jr. shot a 28-year-old man in the head early in the morning on February 4 on the 100 block of Carver Place near South Lake Avenue in Pahokee. The man died from his injuries. In an arrest report, the man’s name was not given.

A report from the PBSO says that investigators found Miles at the Orlando home of a family member. On March 24, he was taken to the county jail and charged with first-degree murder and firing a gun in public.

Witness Reveals Violent Threat Before Fatal Shooting

The next day, Miles was held without bail by order of Circuit Judge Maxine Cheesman. Miles was also given a job as a public defender by Cheesman. The Palm Beach County Public Defender’s Office doesn’t say anything about cases that are still going on.

A witness told investigators that Miles and the person who was shot had argued the night before the shooting outside the Muck Tavern, a Pahokee restaurant near Lake Okeechobee that is less than a mile from the shooting scene.

Pahokee Murder Suspect Finally Caught in Orlando Police Share the Latest Details!

During the fight, one witness told police that Miles said to the other man, “You’re going to die tonight.” A second person said that they heard gunshots and then saw Miles run by them shortly after. The person who saw him said that they found out who he was when a friend showed them his Instagram page.

License-Plate Reader Leads Police to Orlando Fugitive!

The report said that more research linked Miles to a BMW whose license plate was picked up by a license plate reader at State Road 80 and State Road 715 about 30 minutes after the murder. The deputies thought it would take about 25 minutes to drive from the scene of the murder to where the license-plate reader was.

According to the arrest report, investigators followed the BMW to Orlando, where they started watching it with the help of Orlando police. The deputies got a warrant to take the car and search it. PBSO said that during the search, a live round was found that matched a shell casing found at the murder scene.

A witness who helped the police also looked at a photo lineup and picked Miles as the shooter.

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