Pennsylvania Woman Receives Sentence for Child's Death with Baby Wipes

Pennsylvania Woman Receives Sentence for Child’s Death with Baby Wipes

A Pennsylvania mother was convicted guilty of killing her boyfriend’s infant son, who had baby wipes stuck in his throat, and was given an 80-year prison sentence.

According to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office, Chelsea Cooley, 33, entered a guilty plea to the 2022 murder of the 3-year-old kid. In May 2022, the youngster was discovered unconscious and succumbed to asphyxia and strangulation.

Around the time that authorities suspect the child was injured, a neighbor claimed to have heard a female voice telling them to “shut up.”

The attorney general’s office claims that Cooley hesitated to assist the youngster as advised by dispatchers and postponed dialing 911.

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“The facts of this case are horrific,” Attorney General Michelle Henry state. “This defendant was responsible for caring for this child, and instead she did the unthinkable. She brutally murdered him, a defenseless and innocent 3-year-old child. This defendant’s actions are devastating to the child’s loved ones, but we hope today’s admission and sentence offer a measure of justice.”

Cooley entered a guilty plea to three counts of third-degree murder, strangling, and endangering the welfare of a child.