Pizza Perfection: Benny Fierro's Serves Up Two-Plate Wonders

Pizza Perfection: Benny Fierro’s Serves Up Two-Plate Wonders

Not only for its flavors but also for the sheer quantity of options available, this pizza shop in the middle of Pennsylvania has gained local attention.

Claiming to have the largest pizza slices in the state, Benny Fierro’s, situated on the busy streets of Pittsburgh’s South Side, is highly recommended.

What Makes This Pizza So Special?

Say you have a piece of pizza so big it needs two plates to fit it. At Benny Fierro‘s, that is the actuality. Each slice stands alone as a spectacle and is frequently compared to a young child’s size.

Pizza Perfection: Benny Fierro's Serves Up Two-Plate Wonders

It might be difficult to squeeze the enormous 29-inch-wide pizza box through a typical doorway.

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Pennsylvanian Twist on New York Style

With a unique twist, Benny Fierro’s takes pleasure in its pizza in the New York manner. A thick layer of cheese and your selection of toppings are supported by a thin, crispy crust.

The pizza is large, but it’s not all about size—quality comes through in every mouthful. Customers say it tastes different, with some mentioning that it has a special, salty flavor that makes it stand out from other pizzas.

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History of Benny Fierro’s

More than just a pizzeria, Benny Fierro’s tells the tale of a man’s love of real Italian food, history, and community. Benedito “Benny,” a kind and hardworking man with a knack for making the ideal pizza slice, is the man behind Benny Fierro’s.

Raised in Brooklyn and born in Italy, Benny developed his culinary talents in the kitchen of Manhattan’s century-old Italian gun club, Tiro A Segno, where he catered to influential people in the city and beyond.

But Benny moved out of New York and lived on Virginia’s Eastern Shore for reasons that are unknown. There, he started baking pizzas for his neighbors in a brick oven he constructed for his back porch, and he soon gained popularity in the neighborhood.

Three decades after his famous 28-inch pies became popular, Benny’s legacy lives on in the character and cuisine of the restaurant.

Pizza Perfection: Benny Fierro's Serves Up Two-Plate Wonders

Serving these enormous 28-inch pizzas since 2011, Benny Fierro’s lives up to the name of its namesake.

Every “Benny’s” location is different, representing the town in which it is located, but they are all dedicated to kindness, loyalty, and delicious pizza, of course.

The word “Fierro,” which means “iron,” alludes to the hardworking, blue-collar culture of Pittsburgh, the city where Benny Fierro’s has been selling their renowned pies since 2015.

The history of Benny Fierro’s is proof of the ability of a straightforward meal to unite people and leave a lasting legacy. Bit by bit, one massive pizza at a time, it’s a slice of life that keeps expanding.

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Is It Worth to Visit Benny Fierro’s?

Going to Benny Fierro’s is more than just a meal; it’s an experience. From the moment you strain to carry the massive box to your table to the challenge of swallowing a piece, it’s an incredible experience.

It’s a place where families and friends gather to dine together and share the excitement of taking on these massive slices.

Benny Fierro’s is a must-visit location for everybody traveling to Pennsylvania who enjoys pizza and has a voracious appetite.

It’s evidence of the overwhelming American enthusiasm for pizza, which is both wonderful and delectable. So the next time you’re in Pittsburgh, pay a visit to Benny Fierro’s and decide whether or not you’re ready to take on their renowned slices.