5 Coffee Hotspots and Cafés

Discover Birmingham’s Finest: 5 Coffee Hotspots and Cafés

Whatever your chosen setting, Birmingham has a plenty of hot caffeinated magic. Searching for a warm cup of coffee in what appears to be a living room?

Would you rather sip your coffee in opulent surroundings? Or perhaps you just want a cup of coffee and don’t care about the environment? In Brum, you can find anything you’re looking for.

Birmingham has all the bases covered when it comes to coffee, from gourmet roasters and fashionable coffee shops to delightfully twee teahouses and classic cafes. Load up on Joe and prepare to discover everything this amazing city has to offer.

Chance and Counters

Chance and Counters, one of the more quirky venues in Digbeth’s Custard Factory, is a delight for anybody who prefer board games to chess.

Discover Birmingham's Finest: 5 Coffee Hotspots and Cafés

Visitors are spoilt for choice even before they look at their buffet of delectable finger food, milkshakes, wines, and craft beer, since there are over 600 games available.

Their hot beverages, however, take center stage; you can anticipate a wide variety of teas and vibrant lattes in addition to the standard coffee fare.

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Faculty Coffee

Brum’s version of a coffee classroom is filled with caffeine alchemy, both by name and by nature. Faculty was founded in 2014 by Geoff Lam, the previous owner of Saint Kitchen, with the goal of serving excellent coffee and educating patrons about it.

Discover Birmingham's Finest: 5 Coffee Hotspots and Cafés

Since this is a laboratory for manufacturing coffee, there isn’t space for couches or comfortable chairs. Faculty is a small space with a pop-up feel. It is decorated with abundance of pipes, exposed brick, and wooden fixtures in an industrial style.

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Birmingham’s coffee culture was established by Urban‘s Church Street emporium, which opened its doors in 2009. Urban is open seven days a week, a testament to its popularity.

Discover Birmingham's Finest: 5 Coffee Hotspots and Cafés

A diverse range of people use it, from office workers having their morning meeting to freelancers working quietly on the go to others who just want a delicious coffee and a piece of cake.

Though it’s closed on Church Street right now, the Jewellery Quarter branch is still serving up amazing coffee every day of the week.

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Café Artum

Café Artum has always been distinctive, having first opened (quietly) in the shadow of Birmingham’s Snow Hill commercial sector.

Discover Birmingham's Finest: 5 Coffee Hotspots and Cafés

Its new digs put it in good creative company, with a bigger area as part of Hockley Social Club (brought to you by the renowned Digbeth Dining Club).

In addition to being a venue, Café Artum combines a love of music and coffee. Whether you’re looking for soul DJs, vinyl, or a simple Sunday roast, you’ve come to the right location.

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Saint Kitchen

As you walk into Saint Kitchen, the huge front counter will grab your attention. It stands out in the middle of a seating area with chic chairs and fixtures made of stone and wood. The flat white is among the best anywhere, and the coffee is really good.

Discover Birmingham's Finest: 5 Coffee Hotspots and Cafés

Additionally, a wide variety of loose-leaf teas, single-origin hot chocolate, and filter alternatives are available. There is a lot of cake, paninis, noodles, soups, and all-day meals available.

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Final Words

Birmingham has a thriving coffee scene that suits all tastes. Birmingham has the ideal location for you, whether you’re a board game enthusiast looking for a fun place to play games like Chance and Counters, a coffee lover wanting a lab-like experience at Faculty Coffee, or you’re just in the mood for a great cup of joe in a busy place like Urban or an artistic space like Café Artum.

And Saint Kitchen is a great choice if you’re looking for a delicious flat white to go with your sweets. Go experience Birmingham’s varied coffee culture and find a new hangout that you love!