Plane Diverts to Florida After Mid-Flight Argument Escalates to Bomb Threat
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Plane Diverts to Florida After Mid-Flight Argument Escalates to Bomb Threat

A flight originating from Orlando, Florida, had to execute an emergency landing in Jacksonville following reports of a passenger making a bomb threat during a mid-flight altercation on Tuesday.

Breeze Airways Flight 717, headed for Providence, Rhode Island, experienced a dispute between a couple, as detailed by local news outlet WJXT.

In the midst of the argument, an unnamed male passenger expressed a desire to exit the aircraft. The disagreement escalated to the point where the topic of bombs became part of their dispute.

“A dad and his daughter got up and walked back and said, ‘We asked to get moved because someone was talking about a bomb that they had,'” passenger Tanya McGinn told WJXT.

Approximately 45 minutes into the flight, at around 5:30 local time, the pilot redirected the plane to Jacksonville.

“The people were talking about or claiming the other person had a bomb during their fight. The people around them heard the word ‘bomb,’ reported it to the airline, and they’re obligated to land the plane,” passenger Rachael Corrigan told WJXT.

The man suspected of wrongdoing was captured on video offering apologies to fellow passengers while being escorted off the plane in handcuffs, as reported by WJXT.

The flight received official cancellation at 8 p.m., and passengers were informed that they would receive reimbursement for their overnight hotel stay.

The FBI conducted an investigation into the incident, but as of now, no formal criminal charges have been disclosed to the public.

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