Police Claim a Miami Guy Lured Teenagers With Drugs and Booze Before Sexually Abusing Them
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Police Claim a Miami Guy Lured Teenagers With Drugs and Booze Before Sexually Abusing Them

Following allegations by police that he picked up two adolescent females on a scooter to smoke and drink before abusing them sexually, a Miami man was taken into custody on Sunday.

Miami police say the first victim is 16 and the second is 17.

According to detectives, the first victim informed them on tape that she encountered Sunen Isaac Gutierrez, 23, when out for a walk early on Sunday morning in Little Havana, close to the 2200 block of Southwest Fourth Street.

According to the report, Gutierrez asked both victims if they would want to return to his apartment to consume drink and smoke marijuana. They both said yes.

According to the report, the first victim reported to the police that the second victim “arranged to have sexual activity” with Gutierrez for “approximately $400 but negotiated the price down to $320.”

The first victim no longer desired to have sex with defendant Gutierrez when he grew rough during the sexual session, according to what the police wrote.

Investigators said that after both victims fled the house for safety, the first victim also told them that Gutierrez tried to have intercourse with them.

The first victim, according to the police, dropped on the ground in an effort to escape Gutierrez and was “digitally penetrated” by him.

According to the allegation, before the first victim fled, Gutierrez allegedly “forcefully” took her cellphone and purse from her.

Police said that after officers brought the first victim to Gutierrez’s house, he was able to verify his identity with his landlord.

According to the report, the second victim gave officers a statement in which she urged Gutierrez to cease making efforts toward her sexually, but he “continued to attempt to sexually penetrate her.”

Police said that at one point, Gutierrez compelled the second victim to have oral sex with him by grabbing her head.

The first victim’s smartphone and the second victim’s card were discovered in Gutierrez’s flat after he signed a consent form while under arrest, according to the police.

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Authorities claim that after reading his Miranda rights to him in Spanish, Gutierrez consented to meet with detectives without the presence of his lawyer. He claimed that following a night of drinking, he met both victims and rode his scooter home with them.

Despite his denial of “exchanging money for sexual advances,” he did make a confession that was withheld from the public report.

According to jail records, Gutierrez is accused of sexual battery, two counts of human trafficking on a victim who is between the ages of 12 and 17, and one case of strong-arm robbery.

His bond is still pending at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, where he was being held as of Monday.


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