Police Respond to Reckless Celebration Miami Man Shot After Firing Gun 48 Times

Police Respond to Reckless Celebration: Miami Man Shot After Firing Gun 48 Times

A guy who was gravely injured in July when police shot him made his initial court appearance on Monday before a judge for the first time since the shooting incident.

Following reports of a guy shooting multiple rounds into the air near an apartment complex, the police responded to the location at 7851 NE 10th Ave in an emergency mode and went to the site.

According to the statements made to the police by witnesses, the defendant, Christian Labaut, told them he was “celebrating the governor’s new constitutional carry law.”

Since the event, Labaut has been receiving treatment at a local hospital because the police claim they were obliged to shoot him after he refused to listen to them.

Judge Mindy Glazer stated that, “They approached the defendant… gave lawful commands to stop and show his hands and he did not comply with officers verbal commands. He entered a residential hallway.”

Police shot Labaut multiple times because he refused to obey directions.

In July, the defendant’s brother, Pedro Labaut, told us, “I look at the kitchen door, he’s in the kitchen floor bleeding unconscious with a bullet. “They shot him in the back and a puddle of blood – I thought he was dead.”

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