Revealing the 5 Cheapest Places to Reside in Massachusetts

Wallet-Friendly Wonders: Revealing the 5 Cheapest Places to Reside in Massachusetts

Known for its lively culture and lengthy history, Massachusetts also has several hidden jewels where affordability and high standard of living coexist.

Whether you’re a family trying to make ends meet or a student looking to save costs, this guide will expose you to neighborhoods where cost of living doesn’t compromise the convenience and charm that make Massachusetts so appealing.


At $247,000, Springfield, Massachusetts has one of the lowest house value estimations in the state. It is a popular community in the northwest of the state with about 155,000 residents because of its colleges and museums.

The rich past also contributes to the wonderful cultural ambiance. If you compare Springfield to other parts of Massachusetts, it’s more reasonably priced. The projected median age is 39.6 years old, and the typical income is $58,000.

Springfield is a city that enjoys outdoor activities and is situated near the Connecticut River.


The Massachusetts town of Adams is included in the Pittsburg MSA. The majority of the people in this small town of roughly 8,500 are elderly.

There is not much progress since the villagers are resistant to change. The average household income is $26,000.

Revealing the 5 Cheapest Places to Reside in Massachusetts

Despite being one of Massachusetts’ poorest municipalities, Adams is charming and well-kept. The city’s mountains, lovely pathways, and streams are visible.

Both the unemployment rate and the job opportunities are low. The tranquil surroundings and top-notch schools are highly praised by families who have raised their children here. Adams’ housing is 4.1% less than the national average and 24.8% less than the state average.

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In Massachusetts, Pittsfield is home to 44,000 people. In the western portion of the state, it is still regarded as the third-largest municipality, behind Springfield and Chicopee.

Housing costs are $13% more than the national average, with a $509,500 median home price. The median monthly rent is $1,550.

There are plenty to do here for young professionals, even though it might not seem like an inexpensive area to live in comparison to Boston.

There are always plenty to do in this region, which is home to historical monuments, ski records, and natural state parks. Active young individuals find the location appealing when combined with a vibrant musical scene.

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Athol, Massachusetts, is home to 12,000 people and is situated 70 miles to the west of Boston. Despite being an industrial town since the Civil War, its economy has deteriorated.

Revealing the 5 Cheapest Places to Reside in Massachusetts

Today’s commercial vacancy rate is 18%. Athol is located on the Millers River, where there are lots of going on.

Recreational areas such as hiking paths, camping areas, bridges, ponds, and brooks draw both locals and visitors. Although the municipality offers opportunities for relationships through outdoor activities, it is relatively cut off from public spaces.

With an average home price of $272,000, Adhol is a peaceful and reasonably priced community for outdoor enthusiasts. With regard to cost of living, this city is ranked 12th out of 411 locations in Massachusetts.

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In Chicopee, Massachusetts, there are roughly 55,000 residents. With its facilities and typical median house price of $265,000, Chicopee is a desirable and reasonably priced place to reside.

This is the location of Westover Air Reserve Base, which has one of the largest runways on the East Coast. The quaint town features parks and historical displays.

Chicopee’s downtown is bustling with small businesses, boutiques, and restaurants. The average family makes $80,000 a year, and the drive to work takes 20 minutes. It’s close enough to enjoy performances and nightclubs yet far enough away from major cities to remain safe.

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To Conclude

Affordable living options are surprisingly varied in Massachusetts. Each hidden gem appeals to a different preference, from the natural beauty of Athol to the cultural depth of Springfield.

There is a location in Massachusetts that guarantees affordability without compromising charm, whether you’re a young professional looking for a lively neighborhood like Pittsfield or a family seeking tranquil surroundings like Adams.

So, forgo the exorbitant expenses of city living and investigate these hidden treasures to find the ideal balance between affordability and Massachusetts beauty.