Sanford Alligator's Severely Injured Snout Sparks Wildlife Worries
Image Source: WSVN

Sanford Alligator’s Severely Injured Snout Sparks Wildlife Worries

A surprising find in Sanford has wildlife experts puzzled and worried for a special alligator with a badly hurt snout. This reptile, seen with part of its upper snout gone, has raised doubts about its chances of survival in its natural habitat.

Kimberly Titterington, a certified wildlife rehabilitator with more than thirty years of experience, has met many alligators in her profession, but none quite like this.

She defined the situation as “very extreme,” adding that while alligators with various ailments are not uncommon, the level of this particular damage is highly exceptional.

Se stated that, “It’s not uncommon to see them with damage to their face, missing a limb, missing a tail, maybe part of a jaw. But this is very extreme.”

A lady walking her dog at Wilson’s Landing Park in Sanford noticed a hurt alligator. The reason for its injury is unknown.

Titterington told that,”It could have been during predation from another predator. It could have been that the gator was caught in a snare.”

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials tried to catch the injured alligator, but they couldn’t manage because it was too quick and agile. So, the injured alligator will remain in the wild until a successful capture is possible. Titterington voiced her worries about the alligator’s chances of making it.

“I really do feel that, you know, in time he’s going to, you know, he won’t be doing so well,” Titterington stated.

To help the special case and give the alligator the care it needs, Gatorland has been notified. The well-known wildlife park has shown interest in accepting the injured alligator for further check-ups and possible rehabilitation.