Shocking Assault 63-Year-Old Military Veteran Attacked at the Movies

Shocking Assault: 63-Year-Old Military Veteran Attacked at the Movies

A video captured the moment when a 63-year-old military veteran was violently pushed to the ground and attacked by a fellow moviegoer in Pompano Beach, Florida, over the weekend.

Inside Edition interviewed the victim, who wore a mask to conceal his identity, and he recounted the incident, saying, “It happened so fast.” He had purchased two reserved tickets to watch the popular horror movie “Insidious,” expecting the scares to be on the screen. However, upon arriving at their assigned seats, they found two people already sitting there.

Politely, he informed the person occupying their seats, saying, “Excuse me, sir, you’re in our seat.” Unfortunately, instead of cooperating, the individual pushed him aggressively. The veteran, feeling cornered like a boxer against the ropes, fell against the railing on the stairs, where his assailant continued to pummel him.

Thankfully, bystanders rushed to his aid, preventing further harm. The victim expressed his gratitude, saying, “If people hadn’t pulled him off of me, he would’ve continued.”

Reflecting on the severity of the attack, he added, “I think he would have gone that far [to kill me] if he could’ve.”

The assault left the veteran with injuries, including a broken nose and requiring stitches.

As of now, the police are still searching for the suspect, who was captured on surveillance camera hastily leaving the theater with his female companion. The victim firmly believes that the perpetrator should not be out on the streets, stating, “He’s a menace to society.”

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