Shocking Florida Bar Fight Women Caught Tossing Baby Back and Forth, Authorities Respond

Shocking Florida Bar Fight: Women Caught Tossing Baby Back and Forth, Authorities Respond

Outside a pub in Florida, two ladies were detained after allegedly throwing a baby back and forth.

NBC station WESH reports that Brianna Lafoe, 19, and Sierrah Newell, 20, were detained shortly before 1 a.m. outside of Coyote Ugly Saloon.

There were allegations that the women were drunk and throwing a baby on the sidewalk. The scenario got worse when a group of people lounging on the patio ordered the women to stop and began filming them.

Witness Jahada Rasheed told WESH that, “In return, (Lafoe) started throwing the baby up and down a little too aggressively.”

Lafoe was shown on security camera video approaching the group while holding the infant in her arms, and then striking a female member of the group.

“And then what she did that really surprised me, then she put the baby upside down. It was like hold up. This is getting way too far,” Rasheed told WESH.

According to the police report, one of the women was seen shaking the baby while holding it by the ankles and turning it over on its back. After being carried to the hospital, the child was examined, and the medical staff noticed that they had marks on their back and suspected that they had broken a limb.

Child abuse charges have been brought against both Newell and Lafoe. Additionally, Lafoe was charged with battery for the incident.

According to the reports made by the police, the event was reported to the Florida Department of Children and Families.