Shocking Jacksonville Soldier Brutally Murdered by Estranged Husband!

Shocking: Jacksonville Soldier Brutally Murdered by Estranged Husband!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A man, Victor Silvers, has been sentenced to life in prison plus ten years for killing his estranged wife, Brittney Silvers, on the Fort Campbell military base in Kentucky in 2018. Brittney, who has since been referred to as Brittney Mitchell by her family, was in the process of divorcing Victor at the time of her murder.

The couple had been in an abusive marriage for seven years, and Brittney had obtained a restraining order against Victor, which prohibited him from coming within 300 feet of her and from owning a firearm. Victor was found guilty of all seven charges against him, including first-degree murder, attempted murder, and violating a protection order resulting in death.

On the night of the murder, Victor showed up at Brittney’s apartment on the military base with a friend. Brittney asked her friend to hide for his safety, but Victor allegedly kicked in the door and started shooting.

Brittney was shot four times and died, while her friend was shot but recovered. Victor told investigators that he was “blanking” in and out of consciousness during the murder and attempted murder and only remembers waking up to see Brittney dead on the ground and the firearm in his hand. Court records show that Victor purchased the firearm found at the crime scene from Academy Sports.

Brittney, who was a soldier, was posthumously promoted to Sergeant and received the Army Commendation Medal.

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