Shocking Man Threatens to Break Woman's Legs with Crowbar in Margate Assault!

Shocking: Man Threatens to Break Woman’s Legs with Crowbar in Margate Assault!

After assaulting a lady and making threats to break her legs with a crowbar, a man from Margate was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic violence.

The Margate Police Department was called out on April 16 to a report of a domestic incident that resulted in an injury.

The police report states that when officers arrived, they talked to the victim, who informed them that her ex-boyfriend had been to her apartment to recover some possessions, beat her, threatened to severely hurt her, and then left the scene. The ex-boyfriend was eventually identified as Cory Justin Swisher, 27, of Margate.

The victim reported to the police that an altercation took place between her and Swisher when he was at her residence. After the dispute, Swisher allegedly stole the victim’s phone and departed.

According to the complaint, Swisher returned to the apartment an hour later, poured soda on the victim’s head, and then started slapping her many times with his open hand, causing injuries to her face, head, body, and hips. He then left the property.

The arrest report states that Swisher hoisted a crowbar over his head and started swinging it while threatening to break the victim’s knees and ankles.

Swisher only stopped his assault when the victim cried for compassion, which caused him to stop swinging the crowbar.

The event resulted in the victim sustaining some mild bruises to her left shoulder and left hip, according to the report. Photographs of the victim’s injuries were obtained, and she consented to give a sworn statement that was recorded.

On April 20, after being on the run for four days, Swisher was taken into custody close to the 5500 block of Southwest 7th Street and then taken to the Broward County Main Jail.

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