Sofia Vergara Loves to Spend Her Time in This State

Sofia Vergara Loves to Spend Her Time in This State: The Celebrity Hotspot You Need to Visit!

Sofia Vergara, a widely admired Hollywood actress, is known for her success, but she also embraces a more laid-back side that finds joy in life’s uncomplicated delights.

This piece will uncover her preferred location to unwind and the reasons behind her fondness for it. Her choice may come as a surprise, as it deviates from the usual celebrity destinations. Keep reading to discover more about Sofia Vergara’s cherished retreat.

The State That Keeps Sofia Vergara Coming Back for More

Sofia Vergara is a highly popular and successful Hollywood actress. When not working on film projects or attending glamorous events, she enjoys retreating to the serene and tranquil surroundings of Louisiana.

Why Louisiana?

Vergara shares a special bond with Louisiana, the home state of her ex-husband, Joe Manganiello. Although they married in 2015 in Palm Beach, Florida, the couple frequently visited Manganiello’s family and friends in Louisiana, where they also owned a house.

Despite her divorce from Manganiello in June 2023, Vergara’s affection for Louisiana’s culture, cuisine, and charm endured. In an exclusive interview, she revealed that Louisiana played a crucial role in helping her navigate the challenging transition.

Reflecting on the past year, she stated that, “It’s a very interesting and very difficult year, but I think I’ve managed to do the best I can,” she said. “Louisiana has been a great place for me to heal and enjoy life.”

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What Does Sofia Vergara Do There?

Vergara enjoys exploring Louisiana’s various attractions and activities, such as touring historic plantations and museums, attending live music events and festivals, and savoring the renowned Cajun and Creole cuisine.

Sofia Vergara Loves to Spend Her Time in This State

She also values connecting with the locals and forming new friendships, as she shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “They are so nice and friendly, and they have such a good sense of humor,” she said. “They make me feel at home.”

Among her favorite Louisiana activities is fishing with her boyfriend, Justin Saliman, an orthopedic surgeon she met through mutual friends. The couple started dating in August 2023, and Vergara’s friends are supportive of their relationship.

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How Often Does Sofia Vergara Go There?

Vergara makes an effort to visit Louisiana whenever her work schedule and commitments allow. Typically, she stays for a few days to a week, but on occasion, she extends her visit for a longer duration.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Vergara expressed her fondness for Louisiana, referring to it as her second home. She emphasized the beauty and tranquility of the place, stating that being there allows her to breathe and relax.

Additionally, Vergara enjoys bringing her family and friends to Louisiana, especially during holidays.

She celebrated both Thanksgiving and Christmas in the state, sharing photos and videos of the festive gatherings on her Instagram. One caption read, “Happy holidays from my Louisiana family!”

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Sofia Vergara, a prominent figure in Hollywood, radiates success. Yet, she has a gentle side that finds joy in life’s simple pleasures. Louisiana holds a special place in her heart, being her preferred state for its comforting, joyful, and adventurous atmosphere. She once expressed, “Louisiana is my happy place.”