Son Faces Charges in Pembroke Pines After Allegedly Killing Father

Son Faces Charges in Pembroke Pines After Allegedly Killing Father

On Saturday, a member of Horace Antonio Watkins Jr.’s family was killed after an argument, which led to the arrest of Horace Antonio Watkins Jr., who is 21 years old.

It has been reported that Watkins Jr. is suspected of shooting his father many times during the confrontation that took place in Pembroke Pines.

After some time had passed, he was eventually captured in Miami Gardens.

The victim, identified as Horace Antonio Watkins Sr., sustained significant gunshot wounds and was promptly taken from the site at 601 SW 68 Terrace in Pembroke Pines to obtain urgent medical attention.

The address of the scene is in Pembroke Pines.

The man, who was 42 years old, sadly did not make it through the ordeal, despite the best efforts of the medical staff.

As part of the ongoing efforts that law enforcement is making to address the rising number of crimes that include guns, they are currently conducting an active investigation into this case.

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