South Florida Woman Arrested for DUI Manslaughter After Fatally Running Over Boyfriend

South Florida Woman Arrested for DUI Manslaughter After Fatally Running Over Boyfriend

A woman from South Florida was taken into custody by the police for allegedly running over her boyfriend and causing his death while she was intoxicated. Rosa Cristina Blanco-Herrera, 39 years old, has been arrested on the charge of DUI manslaughter, as indicated by records from the Miami-Dade jail.

The incident in question occurred around 7 p.m. on a Friday in the vicinity of Southwest 17th Avenue and Southwest 22nd Street in Miami. According to an official report, Blanco-Herrera was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee and had entered a bank parking lot when an argument with her boyfriend led to him falling out of the vehicle.

An eyewitness stated that the vehicle continued to move forward before Blanco-Herrera stopped and began to reverse. During this reversal, she accidentally ran over her boyfriend, resulting in his death at the scene, as detailed in the report.

Although the report didn’t disclose the identity of Blanco-Herrera’s boyfriend, it did reveal that an officer who arrived at the scene observed unusual behavior from her.

The officer noticed her lack of concern for the victim’s injuries, her unsteady walk, and her slurred speech, prompting the officer to suspect possible impairment. This suspicion led to a request for field sobriety exercises to determine her level of impairment during the incident.

Blanco-Herrera failed these field sobriety exercises and initially declined to provide a blood or breath sample until she could speak with her brother. At a later point, she voluntarily shared with the officers that she had consumed two glasses of Rose earlier in the day while having dinner with her boyfriend.

Upon being transported to a police station, an officer detected the scent of alcohol coming from Blanco-Herrera’s breath, as noted in the report.

Subsequently, investigators obtained a search warrant to collect blood and urine samples, which were submitted to the Miami Police Property Unit for analysis.

Blanco-Herrera, a resident of Key Biscayne, was subsequently taken into custody and booked into jail. Her bond was set at $25,000, according to records, but information regarding legal representation was not provided.

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