Spirit Airlines Employee Terminated Following 6-Year-Old's Misplacement on Wrong Florida Flight

Spirit Airlines Employee Terminated Following 6-Year-Old’s Misplacement on Wrong Florida Flight

Spirit Airlines has terminated the employee responsible for causing distress to a family by placing a 6-year-old boy on the incorrect flight to Florida.

According to the Tampa Free Press’s report last week, Casper Ramos departed from Philadelphia on December 21 with the intended destination being Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers, where he was supposed to meet his grandmother, Maria Ramos.

The family had paid an extra $150 fee to ensure that Spirit personnel would closely monitor Casper as an unaccompanied minor traveler.

However, he ended up in Orlando, approximately 160 miles away from where Maria was expecting to pick him up. The family had no knowledge of his whereabouts until he FaceTimed her from Orlando’s airport.

Fox 35 in Orlando disclosed on Friday that Spirit Airlines has fired the gate agent in Philadelphia who guided Casper onto the incorrect plane.

In a statement to Fox 35, Spirit stated, “This agent is no longer working with Spirit, and anyone whose actions resulted in the incorrect boarding will be held accountable for failing to follow our procedures.”

“We are also reiterating our procedures to the team, and we are in communication with the child’s family about this matter.”

Maria accused Spirit of dishonesty regarding the incident when the airline informed the family that Casper had missed his flight. She contended that this information was inaccurate, citing evidence that his luggage had been successfully checked for the trip. In reality, his luggage did arrive in Fort Myers.

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