Squatter Takes Residence in Florida Home, Drives Owner's Car
Image Source: Yahoo News

Squatter Takes Residence in Florida Home, Drives Owner’s Car

The homeowner found a squatter in their Florida residence, who had broken in and made himself comfortable, even setting up a PlayStation in one of the bedrooms for gaming, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

The squatter, identified as Emmanuel Pierre, 25, was arrested for making himself at home, using the homeowner’s car, cooking in their kitchen, and setting up a PlayStation.

The homeowner became aware of the squatter’s presence after receiving a notification from their home’s thermostat about a change in temperature.

This notification raised suspicions, prompting the homeowner to visit the property, where they discovered Pierre driving their car and parking it in the garage. The homeowner called 911 and prevented Pierre from leaving.

The exact duration of the squatter’s stay in the home is uncertain.

Pierre is facing charges of burglary, grand theft of a motor vehicle, and grand theft exceeding $750. He remains in custody, though it is unclear whether he has legal representation.

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