Stimulus Payments Are Coming to These States in June 2023

Stimulus Payments Are Coming to These States in June 2023

The significant federal stimulus payments in 2020 and 2021 gained significant attention, but many states also joined in with their own stimulus efforts in 2022 and 2023.

Unfortunately, for those seeking payments, most of the deadlines for filing have already passed, and the majority of the funds have already been distributed. However, there are a few states that have either recently authorized new stimulus measures or have yet to distribute all of the originally allocated funds. The list of those states is provided below:


Idaho issued tax rebates and “Special Session Rebates” in March and September 2022. Payments have been completed for residents who filed their tax returns on time. However, rebates are still being processed throughout the summer of 2023 for individuals who received extensions or filed later.


The deadline to file for the Illinois Income Tax Rebate and/or the Property Tax Rebate was October 17, 2022. Most of the payments have already been made, but the state Comptroller has stated that payments will continue until all eligible recipients have been issued.


Similar to other states, the time limit for filing a state rebate has already passed. The final date for Maine residents to file for the Maine Winter Energy Relief Payment was October 31, 2022. Payments started in January 2023 and have mostly been completed.

However, if you qualify for payment but have not received one, you still have until June 30 to contact the State Tax Assessor to prove your eligibility. Approved individuals may receive a rebate until September 30, 2023.


Massachusetts began disbursing state tax refunds in November 2022, and those payments have mostly concluded. Eligible filers were entitled to a refund of 14.0312% of their 2021 Massachusetts state tax liability.

Late filers have until September 15, 2023, to submit their returns and still qualify for the rebate, which will be paid approximately one month after the state processes their returns.


Montana is currently the only state offering a new stimulus package for the second half of 2023. Residents may qualify for a property tax rebate of up to $500 and/or an income tax rebate equal to the lesser of $2,500 for joint filers ($1,250 for other classifications) or their actual state tax liability.

Income tax rebates will be paid between July and December 31, 2023, while property tax rebates must be claimed online or via U.S. mail between August 15 and October 1, 2023.

New Mexico

In 2023, New Mexico is providing two types of rebates to residents, one for taxpayers and one for those who are not required to file taxes. The income tax rebate amounts to $1,000 for joint filers and $500 for single filers and married individuals filing separately. These rebates will be paid out in mid-June 2023. For those not required to file an income tax return, the amount is still being determined and will be paid out in July.

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