Supporting Families Affected by Gun Violence: A Mother's Mission

Supporting Families Affected by Gun Violence: A Mother’s Mission

The mother of a young woman from Jacksonville who was fatally shot on I-95 in January is honoring her daughter’s memory.

Alexcia Anderson, aged 25, was shot on the highway shortly after celebrating the Jacksonville Jaguars’ home playoff victory. Tragically, she passed away in the hospital. Another woman who was in the car during the shooting also sustained injuries but survived.

As of now, no arrests have been made in connection with the incident.

On a recent Friday, Anderson’s mother organized an event with the aim of raising funds to support families affected by gun violence.

Rekita Jones mentioned that the funds would be used to provide essential necessities to these families. Having experienced the profound pain of losing a loved one herself, she hopes that her organization can guide other families through the necessary steps and offer financial assistance with expenses.

During the Resilience Gala held on Friday evening, there were pictures displayed of individuals who have lost their lives in the past few years, some due to gun violence.

Jones commented, “Each of these individuals has a unique story, and their parents have been battling just like I have to find answers. I still find myself crying often…but I’m growing stronger. That night was the most terrifying experience I’ve ever had. I don’t believe I’ve ever felt such intense fear.”

Jones also shared that her daughter left behind a young child.

Following Anderson’s tragic passing, Jones established the “In her Innocence: The Alexcia Anderson Foundation.”

The foundation had a presence at the gala and is actively raising funds to further their mission.

Jones explained, “Beyond covering funeral expenses, we’re concerned about how families manage in the aftermath. We step in to assist with mortgage payments, rent, or utilities for a few months.”

Alongside the fundraising efforts, Jones emphasized that the event is an opportunity to celebrate the lives of those lost to gun violence.

Jones remains hopeful that someone will step forward with information regarding what happened to her daughter. She also mentioned that their organization is in discussions with funeral homes to extend support to families in that area.

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