SWAT Team Called In as Suspect Barricades in South Fulton Residence

SWAT Team Called In as Suspect Barricades in South Fulton Residence

Police have reported that a suspect, who is currently barricaded inside a residence in South Fulton, is believed to be connected to a fatal shooting incident that occurred outside the same location on Thursday.

According to Lt. Jubal Rogers, a police spokesperson, the shooting took place in the 6000 block of Lamp Post Place, prompting officers to respond to the scene at approximately 5:30 p.m.

As the situation escalated, the SWAT team was called in for assistance. It is suspected that the suspect has taken at least one person hostage within the residence.

While the suspect is armed, authorities have assured that there is no immediate danger to residents in the vicinity. Law enforcement has discharged shots, but it remains undisclosed whether anyone was injured as a result.

Rogers further stated that the suspect is believed to have shot the individual who was discovered deceased on the road just outside the residence.

No information has been provided regarding the circumstances leading up to the shooting or the number of individuals involved.

The identities of both the suspect and the gunshot victim have not been disclosed publicly.

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