Texarkana Theft Two Women Arrested for Stealing $1,600 in Gift Cards

Texarkana Theft: Two Women Arrested for Stealing $1,600 in Gift Cards

TEXARKANA, Texas – Two women were apprehended on suspicion of stealing gift cards worth over $1,600 from a store in Texarkana.

On July 3, Texarkana police responded to a reported theft at a store. An employee informed the authorities that two women had successfully confused a store clerk through quick talking and managed to leave with stolen gift cards valued at more than $1,600.

An officer present at the scene obtained surveillance footage capturing images of the alleged thieves as well as the vehicle they departed in. The officer promptly shared the images with other law enforcement officers.

According to a press release, a few hours later, an officer spotted the mentioned vehicle traveling on Jarvis Parkway and conducted a traffic stop.

The vehicle contained two women dressed identically to the individuals depicted in the surveillance footage shared earlier.

The two women, identified as Bridgit Anderson and Johnita Graham, were arrested at the scene for theft, as stated in the press release.

Upon searching the vehicle, officers discovered “several loaded gift cards and other brand new items that they believed to have been purchased in Texarkana with stolen money.”

When authorities checked Graham’s name, they purportedly found multiple arrest warrants issued across northeast Texas.

The press release further indicated that due to both women having prior convictions for theft offenses on at least two occasions, the current arrest charge was elevated to a felony.

Both Anderson and Graham were transported to Bi-State Jail and were assigned a $10,000 bond.

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