Orlando Police Shooting Sparks Outcry for Justice Attorney Ben Crump Vows to Fight

Orlando Police Shooting Sparks Outcry for Justice: Attorney Ben Crump Vows to Fight

ORLANDO, Fla. — Civil rights attorney Ben Crump will represent the family of Derek Diaz, a 26-year-old who died on Monday after being shot by an Orlando police officer in a car.

The incident occurred in downtown Orlando at the intersection of Jefferson Street and Orange Avenue when officers believed Diaz was reaching for a gun. However, Orlando Police Chief Eric Smith stated on Monday that no firearm was found at the scene by detectives.

Attorney Crump issued the following statement: “It is heartbreaking for Derek’s family and his young daughter to endure this traumatic loss without sufficient details or explanation.

The Orlando Police Department should respond to this tragedy with proactive measures and, ultimately, transparency when engaging with the family and the Orlando community.

We have been informed that footage of Derek’s fatal encounter with the police will be made available to the public within 30 days, but his family deserves closure immediately.”

Diaz’s family is demanding justice.

In a message posted as the family raises funds for Diaz’s funeral, his mother wrote, “He was only 26 years old and leaves behind a 5-year-old daughter who loves him dearly, as well as his younger brother, our family, loved ones, and myself.

My heart is torn apart; I lost my best friend, my everything, my entire world at the hands of those who are supposed to protect us, not kill innocent people. Derek did not have a weapon on him; he never owned or possessed a firearm in his life.”

WESH 2 has been reaching out to the Orlando police daily since the shooting. On Tuesday, Chief Smith declined to comment on the investigation, and on Wednesday, the Orlando Police Department directed all inquiries to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

In a statement, the FDLE said, “At the request of the Orlando Police Department, FDLE is investigating the officer-involved shooting that occurred early Monday morning.

Our investigation is ongoing, with agents conducting interviews and forensic scientists processing evidence. To maintain the integrity of this active investigation, we are unable to provide further comments at this time.”

WESH 2 specifically inquired about whether a gun was recovered from the scene. A spokesperson responded, “I cannot confirm any facts regarding this ongoing investigation. The case is active, and we currently have no additional information to share.”

Crump is scheduled to hold a press conference at the end of the week.

Diaz’s mother is seeking support for her family and herself. She wrote, “Another boy will grow up without his brother, and another mother has lost her child.

If you can assist us with donations for his funeral expenses, we would appreciate any contribution, especially from those who did not personally know him.

If you are unable to donate, please still share our story so that we can spread awareness about what has happened to my son and seek justice,” on GoFundMe.

The officer who shot Diaz has been placed on paid leave, and the FDLE is leading the investigation.

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