The Ultimate Guide to Family Living South Dakota's 5 Best Places

The Ultimate Guide to Family Living: South Dakota’s 5 Best Places

From colorful neighborhood events to outdoor activities, South Dakota has a rich tapestry of experiences to suit every family member’s interests.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood for outstanding schooling, a town packed with cultural events, or a metropolis near nature’s wonders, this guide will help you find your ideal family refuge.

Join us on a tour through South Dakota’s most inviting communities, featuring the best in housing, education, and leisure—tailored for individuals who aspire to live a fulfilling life surrounded by the state’s beauty and friendliness.


Parkston is a small town with 2,003 people. The median income of Parkston is $70,982, which provides a moderate level of living. Despite its small size, the area’s average property price is under $208,021.

While the town is small, it does cater to families, with a Family Friendly Amenities Score of 36, indicating that there are resources and facilities for families to enjoy.

Approximately 29.1% of Parkston households have children, indicating a family-friendly environment. Overall, Parkston provides a pleasant lifestyle with amenities appropriate for families.

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Madison, a charming town tucked in a tranquil setting, has a population of 6,271 people. With a typical income of $62,756, its citizens enjoy a comfortable level of living. The average home price is $235,746, making homeownership feasible for many.

Madison takes pride in being family-friendly, as evidenced by its amenities score of 63, which addresses the needs of families with children. Madison has approximately 24.1% of homes made up of families with children, emphasizing its popularity as a loving setting for raising children.

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Brandon, a town of 10,919, has a median income of $101,747 and an average home value of $362,304. Despite its small size, it provides a variety of family-friendly amenities, receiving a 44 rating in this category.

The Ultimate Guide to Family Living South Dakota's 5 Best Places

Brandon has approximately 38.4% of households with children, indicating a community that encourages family life.

Brandon’s positive economic indicators and emphasis on family-oriented living make it an ideal residential option for anyone looking for a comfortable and nurturing atmosphere.

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Beresford, with a population of 2,419, has a median income of $71,343 and an average home price of $265,826. Despite its small size, it has a number of family-friendly features, receiving a rating of 49 in this category.

Beresford has approximately 35.5% of households with children, indicating a family-friendly town.

Beresford stands out as an appealing option for individuals looking for a pleasant and supportive community to call home, thanks to its combination of affordability, financial stability, and family-friendly amenities.

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Lennox is a small town with 2,603 residents. Despite its small size, the town’s median income of $64,663 indicates a rather steady economic situation. Lennox’s average home price is $283,904, indicating that the housing market is reasonably cheap in comparison to larger urban regions.

While the town does not have a wide range of family-friendly amenities, it nevertheless receives a respectable 33 on the Family Friendly Amenities Score, showing that there are some alternatives for families to enjoy.

Lennox has approximately 35.1% of homes with children, indicating that a considerable section of the population is committed to family life.

To Conclude

South Dakota has a range of family-friendly municipalities, each with its own distinct charm. From the lovely tiny communities of Parkston and Lennox to the amenity-rich Brandon, there is something for every family’s needs and budget.

Whether you value affordability, good educational systems, or a thriving community culture, South Dakota has something for you. South Dakota’s friendly villages, stunning scenery, and wealth of family-oriented activities guarantee you and your loved ones a satisfying and enriching existence.