This North Carolina City Has Been Named as the Fastest Growing City in the State

This North Carolina City Has Been Named as the Fastest Growing City in the State

North Carolina boasts numerous attractions, spanning from picturesque beaches to imposing mountains. However, the title of the fastest-growing city in this diverse and dynamic state might catch you off guard: it’s Mooresville!

Situated in Iredell County, approximately 25 miles north of Charlotte, Mooresville has a population of about 41,000, as per the 2020 Census. This marks a substantial 37% increase from 2010, solidifying Mooresville as the fastest-growing city in North Carolina and one of the speediest in the nation.

Some Facts That Make Mooresville the Fastest Growing City in North Carolina

Population growth rate (2020-2023)2.26%
Nonfarm employment growth rate (Sep 2021-Sep 2022)5.90%
Median household income growth rate (2020-2021)6.39%
Median property value growth rate (2020-2021)5.86%
Manufacturing sector employment share (2021)14.70%
NASCAR Technical Institute degrees awarded (2021)497

However, what attributes contribute to Mooresville’s attractiveness for new residents? Here are several reasons explaining the town’s current growth:

A Thriving Economy

Mooresville hosts a variety of businesses, ranging from large corporations to small enterprises. Serving as the headquarters for Lowe’s, the renowned home improvement retailer, the town boasts a workforce of over 4,000 people employed by the company.

This North Carolina City Has Been Named as the Fastest Growing City in the State
Image By: Mooresville Tribune

Known as “Race City USA,” Mooresville is a central hub for motorsports, housing numerous NASCAR teams and drivers, reflecting its rich racing heritage and culture.

Diversifying its economic landscape, Mooresville engages in sectors such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, and technology. The town has become a magnet for entrepreneurs and startups, attracting them with its supportive ecosystem and available resources.

A prime example is the Mooresville Business Innovation Center (MBIC), a facility providing office space, mentoring, networking opportunities, and training for both aspiring and established business owners.

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A High Quality of Life

Mooresville isn’t just a fantastic workplace; it’s also an excellent place to call home. The town provides its residents with a high quality of life, offering affordable housing, top-notch schools, and a plethora of recreational opportunities.

Housing options in Mooresville range from charming historic homes to modern apartments. The median home value in Mooresville is $305,000, which is below the national average of $347,500. The town boasts a low cost of living, with a consumer price index of 87.6, compared to the national average of 100.

This North Carolina City Has Been Named as the Fastest Growing City in the State
Image By: WFAE

Mooresville takes pride in its robust education system, featuring both public and private schools catering to students from preschool to college. As part of the Iredell-Statesville Schools district, Mooresville’s education system has gained recognition as one of the best in the state and nation.

For higher education, Mooresville is home to institutions like Mitchell Community College, Davidson College, and the North Carolina Research Campus.

When it comes to recreation and entertainment, Mooresville has a lot to offer. With over 20 parks and greenways, residents can immerse themselves in nature while enjoying a variety of sports and fitness activities.

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A Welcoming Community

Mooresville is a welcoming community that embraces diversity and fosters inclusivity. With its friendly atmosphere, residents find a sense of belonging and easily connect with others.

Boasting a rich history and heritage, Mooresville showcases its cultural legacy through landmarks, festivals, and traditions. The town’s progressive vision is evident in its forward-thinking initiatives, policies, and goals.

Community involvement and civic engagement are highly valued in Mooresville. Numerous organizations and groups offer services, support, and opportunities for residents to actively participate.

Additionally, Mooresville hosts various events and activities that nurture community spirit and pride. Notable occasions include the Mooresville Christmas Parade, the Race City Festival, and the Mooresville Arts Festival.

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Final Words

In summary, Mooresville stands out among cities in North Carolina due to its numerous advantages. As the state’s fastest-growing city, Mooresville boasts a flourishing economy, a high standard of living, and a welcoming community. Proud of its past, present, and future, Mooresville is a town on the rise, constantly evolving.

Recognized as the fastest-growing city in North Carolina and one of the top places to reside in the country, Mooresville offers an appealing prospect for those seeking to embark on a new chapter in their lives. If you’re in search of an ideal destination, Mooresville might be the perfect choice for you.


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