Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Baltimore County
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Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Baltimore County, Maryland

Baltimore County spans more than 600 square miles and is home to over 800,000 residents, showcasing a broad diversity. Although the county boasts numerous secure and thriving communities, there are also neighborhoods grappling with elevated levels of crime and violence.

How Does This County Compare to Other Counties in Maryland?

Baltimore County surpasses the state average in violent crime rates but exhibits a lower property crime rate. Moreover, its overall crime rate falls below the national average.

Nevertheless, crime rates diverge significantly among Maryland counties, influenced by various factors. The following table presents crime rates for select Maryland counties, derived from FBI data:

CountyViolent Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents)Property Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents)
Anne Arundel3.0715
Prince George’s517

Apart from that, based on the 2020 violent crime statistics reported by the Maryland Department of State Police, the following list comprises the five most perilous neighborhoods in Baltimore County.

NeighborhoodPopulationMedian IncomeViolent Crimes


In the year 2020, the west-central part of the county, particularly the Woodlawn neighborhood, experienced the highest number of violent crimes. A total of 1,038 incidents were recorded, including 18 homicides, 38 rapes, 372 robberies, and 610 aggravated assaults.

It’s worth mentioning that Woodlawn houses several public housing complexes and notable institutions, including the headquarters of the Social Security Administration and the FBI field office.

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This neighborhood, located in the central part of the county, had the second highest number of violent crimes in 2020, with 726 incidents, including 4 homicides, 25 rapes, 261 robberies, and 436 aggravated assaults.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Baltimore County

Towson is the county seat and the largest unincorporated community in Maryland, with a population of over 55,000. It is also a major educational and commercial hub, hosting Towson University, Goucher College, and several shopping malls.

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In 2020, this district, situated in the southeastern section of the county, ranked third for the highest occurrences of violent crimes, totaling 686 incidents. These included 9 homicides, 29 rapes, 224 robberies, and 424 aggravated assaults.

Essex is a suburban locality nestled along the Chesapeake Bay and the Back River. With a population exceeding 39,000, it boasts a median household income of $49,000.

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Situated in the southeastern section of the county, this community ranked fourth in terms of violent crimes in 2020, registering 661 incidents, which included 7 homicides, 24 rapes, 213 robberies, and 417 aggravated assaults.

Dundalk, established in 1895 as a steel mill community, is a town with a rich history. It boasts a population exceeding 63,000 and a median household income of $46,000.

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In 2020, this district in the northeastern section of the county recorded the fifth-highest count of violent crimes, totaling 569 incidents. This included 3 homicides, 19 rapes, 184 robberies, and 363 aggravated assaults.

Parkville, a suburban community, is home to over 30,000 residents and boasts a median household income of $58,000.

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Final Words

More than half of Baltimore County’s total violent crimes in 2020, which numbered 6,620, were concentrated in these five neighborhoods. The county’s violent crime rate stood at 3.78 per 1,000 residents, surpassing both the state average of 3.31 and the national average of 3.69.

Despite this, significant reductions in major crime categories, spanning homicides, assaults, robbery, burglary, theft, motor-vehicle theft, and trafficking, were observed between 2017 and 2020.

The county’s overall crime rate registered at 29.32 per 1,000 residents, slightly below the national average of 30.01.

While these statistics may depict a concerning scenario in certain parts of Baltimore County, it’s crucial to recognize that crime distribution is not uniform across the county.

Numerous factors, including population density, socioeconomic status, education, employment, housing, transportation, and policing, contribute to the varying levels and types of crime in different areas.

Furthermore, crime rates can fluctuate significantly from year to year and month to month, influenced by various circumstances and events.


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