This Oklahoma City Has Been Named as the Fastest Growing City in the State

This Oklahoma City Has Been Named as the Fastest Growing City in the State

Oklahoma has undergone significant growth in the last ten years, particularly in its primary urban center, Oklahoma City. This article delves into the elements propelling Oklahoma City’s success, addressing both the triumphs and the potential obstacles on the horizon.

Additionally, we’ll explore other cities within the state that have witnessed comparable growth and make comparisons with Oklahoma City. Lastly, we’ll assess how Oklahoma’s population surge stacks up against other states in the region and across the nation.

Oklahoma City: The Fastest Growing City in the State

Oklahoma City, the largest city and capital of Oklahoma, has earned the title of the fastest-growing city in the state, as revealed by a study conducted by WalletHub.

The study assessed 515 cities across the United States, examining 17 metrics related to both growth and decline over a seven-year period. These metrics ranged from population growth to a decrease in unemployment rates and an increase in regional GDP per capita.

This Oklahoma City Has Been Named as the Fastest Growing City in the State

Projections suggest that Oklahoma City and its neighboring cities will sustain their growth in the upcoming years by attracting more residents, businesses, and tourists.

To further enhance livability and competitiveness, Oklahoma City is planning strategic investments in infrastructure, public transportation, and environmental sustainability.

Population Growth

Oklahoma City secured the 271st spot nationwide and claimed the top position within the state, experiencing a significant population surge of 13.8% from 2010 to 2020, reaching a total of 1,425,375 residents.

Meanwhile, the overall population of Oklahoma increased by 6.1% during the same period. Additionally, Oklahoma City surpassed the state average in median annual household income, boasting $60,605 compared to the statewide figure of $54,449.

Factors for Growth

Oklahoma City’s expansion has been linked to its economic prospects, quality of life, and convenient proximity to nearby attractions.

This Oklahoma City Has Been Named as the Fastest Growing City in the State

The city hosts significant industries, including energy, aerospace, biotechnology, and healthcare. Moreover, it features a lively cultural environment encompassing museums, theaters, sports venues, and parks. Furthermore, Oklahoma City enjoys close proximity to well-known destinations like Tulsa, Norman, and Edmond.

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How Does the Population Growth of Oklahoma Compare to Other States?

Based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Oklahoma was ranked 16th among the 50 states in population growth from July 2020 to July 2021, measured in terms of percentage growth. The state experienced a 0.6% increase in population over the year, surpassing the national average of 0.2%.

Oklahoma’s growth rate exceeded that of neighboring states such as Texas (0.5%), Kansas (0.1%), and Arkansas (0.4%). However, it fell short of the growth rates seen in some other states in the region, including Colorado (1.1%), Utah (1.8%), and Idaho (2.9%).

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Other Growing Cities in the State

In the past decade, it’s not just Oklahoma City that saw substantial growth; other notable cities in the state, such as Jenks, Newcastle, and Hammond, also experienced significant increases of 5.2%, 8.9%, and 13%, respectively. Additionally, these cities boast outstanding school systems, low crime rates, and a variety of amenities.

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Final Words

Oklahoma City stands out as a prime example of a city thriving and expanding in the contemporary era. Its success is attributed to a diverse economy, a vibrant culture, and a strategic location.

Notably, the city has earned the distinction of being the fastest-growing in the state, outpacing the state’s average across various indicators of progress and advancement.

However, the prosperity of Oklahoma City is not an isolated phenomenon. Other cities within the state have also experienced noteworthy growth over the past decade, contributing to a dynamic and competitive environment.

The state of Oklahoma, as a whole, has demonstrated commendable performance in terms of population growth, consistently ranking among the top states in the nation.

The future appears promising for Oklahoma, as it continues to attract an increasing number of residents, businesses, and opportunities.