Three Individuals Caught Trafficking Drugs at Orlando Airport

Three Individuals Caught Trafficking Drugs at Orlando Airport

On Tuesday, the federal prosecutors declared that three people had entered guilty pleas to the charge of trafficking methamphetamine.

They added that Richardson Sid, 40, of Winter Haven; Venus Lott, 45, of Bartow; and Jevonn Clayton, 48, of Auburndale, had entered a guilty plea to possession with intent to distribute meth.

The release states that the maximum sentence for each of the three offenders is life in federal prison. Hearings for sentencing have not yet been set.

According to the plea deal, on August 11, 2022, Clayton consented to help a narcotics trafficker move suitcases full of meth from Los Angeles to Orlando.

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According to the plea bargain, Lott and Sid were soon enlisted by Clayton and the drug dealer to go to California and help with transportation.

Clayton, Lott, and Sid traveled from Los Angeles to Orlando on August 16, 2022, with five suitcases full of meth.

While looking into incoming flights at the Orlando airport, agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation discovered and examined Clayton, Lott, and Sid’s suitcases. They found and searched several vacuum-sealed bags that held more than 35 kilograms of meth.

The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation provided invaluable support to the Drug Enforcement Administration during their investigation of this case. Assistant United States Attorney Noah P. Dorman is the one pursuing the case.