Tragic Crash Claims Four Lives on University Boulevard
Image Source: News4JAX

Tragic Crash Claims Four Lives on University Boulevard

Last month, a tragic accident on University Boulevard claimed the lives of four individuals. This incident occurred at the same location as another fatal collision earlier in the month.

Local business managers are now advocating for increased safety measures on what they perceive as a hazardous curve.

During the accident, five people were in the car; sadly, four of them lost their lives, while one was hospitalized with severe injuries. According to police, the driver was speeding and lost control at a curve in the road.

In response to this heartbreaking event, several GoFundMe campaigns have been established to support the victims, who were reported to be immigrants from Colombia, having recently relocated to Jacksonville this year.

Jeyda Ozturk, the manager of a nearby gas station, insists that state authorities must take further action to enhance the road’s safety.

Ozturk stated, “It is dangerous because people are speeding… and I don’t think they understand the road curves to the left so they are not able to tell the road is not actually straight forward.”

Two other people had been killed in an accident at the same spot ten days before that fatal collision. The police claim the driver was going too fast for the curve on the road.

Ozturk hopes that after so many deaths, efforts would be taken to improve road safety and discourage reckless driving.

“Maybe put some speed bumps out there or maybe like a signage, like something, cause it’s not getting any better.”

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