BBQ Revelations: A Journey Through Texas's Finest BBQ Hotspots

BBQ Revelations: A Journey Through Texas’s Finest BBQ Hotspots

Texas is a state that takes its barbecue seriously. From brisket to ribs, from sausages to chicken, there is no shortage of mouthwatering meats cooked over wood and smoke in the Lone Star State.

But with so many options to choose from, how do you find the best of the best? In this article, we will explore some of the finest BBQ joints in Texas, based on their history, reputation, and quality.

Heritage Butchery & Barbecue

Dozier’s Barbeque Restaurant in Fulshear comes to mind when you think about restaurants that serve barbecue and have a bustling fresh meat market. This is the updated version, where the local farms provide the raw chicken, hog, and beef in the case.

BBQ Revelations: A Journey Through Texas's Finest BBQ Hotspots

Chances are, if you spot a sausage there—like a hot chipotle-and-jack cheese sausage—you’ll probably see it smoked on the menu as well.

Smoke ’N Ash BBQ

The Hickses separated their Ethiopian and barbecue meals in their early years of operation, but in 2021 they unveiled a new menu that included both. meals like spicy stew doro wat and barbeque nachos with injera “chips” were among the new additions.

BBQ Revelations: A Journey Through Texas's Finest BBQ Hotspots

The only Tex-Ethiopian smokehouse in the state (or perhaps the entire world?) is serving injera. Move over, white bread. For the spongy sourdough bread that accompanies the smoked brisket and hog ribs that her husband, Patrick, roasts and coats with awaze, a deep-red sauce made with clarified butter and robust berbere spice, Fasicka Hicks uses flour imported from her native country.

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Douglas Bar and Grill

This Snider Plaza eatery is a bit of a divided personality—too posh to be considered a joint. Prime steaks are the main course at supper, coupled with a perfectly sweet and flavorful honey-glazed smoked salmon, even though BBQ is available all day.

BBQ Revelations: A Journey Through Texas's Finest BBQ Hotspots

Barbecue reigns supreme during lunchtime. The glazed ribs have the perfect amount of sweetness, the Wagyu brisket is consistently tender, and the brisket bullets—jalapeños filled with beef and wrapped in bacon—are not to be missed.

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Kareem El-Ghayesh, a native of Cairo, was unaware that Texas was known for its barbecue until his first visit to Austin in 2012.

After relocating to Austin in 2015, he did so out of curiosity. He opened this trailer, which is located northeast of downtown, outside Oddwood Brewing, after seven years and almost as many cooking jobs. El-Ghayesh refers to tahini as the national barbecue sauce of Egypt.

BBQ Revelations: A Journey Through Texas's Finest BBQ Hotspots

Lamb belly ribs are served with za’atar and pork ribs. It may be found in the brisket shawarma, where salata baladi—a mixture of diced cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, and mint—is topped with the smokey chopped meat. More color is added to a barbecue plate with pomegranate and pistachio garnishes than with pickles and onions.

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Smokin’ Joe’s Pit BBQ

Even before Joe Martinez launched his food truck, he was well-known for his barbecue. Millions of people were watching the El Paso native’s instructional BBQ movies on YouTube at the same time he was preparing to retire from a corporate career.

BBQ Revelations: A Journey Through Texas's Finest BBQ Hotspots

He and his brother Martin smoke a brisket with black bars that is rivaled anywhere. A light tug releases the flesh from the bone, and sweet barbecue sauce coats the peppery spareribs.

Additionally, a delicious cheeseburger topped with grilled red onions is served on brioche. Joe adds Hatch chilies and Muenster cheese to his sausage to give it an El Paso flair.

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To Conclude

The barbecue culture in Texas is as dynamic and diverse as the state. This essay has barely touched the surface of Texas’s abundance in barbecue, which ranges from brisket to lamb belly ribs and from traditional smokehouses to Tex-Ethiopian fusion.

Which barbecue is “best” depends mostly on personal taste. The ideal Texas BBQ restaurant is waiting for you to discover it, whether your preference is for smokey classics, exotic variations, or sophisticated sophistication.

Gather your companions, a vacant stomach, and an adventurous mindset — the ultimate Texas BBQ expedition is about to begin!


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