Battle for the Ballot: $57 Million Invested to Retain Latino Support for Biden

Battle for the Ballot: $57 Million Invested to Retain Latino Support for Biden

As President Joe Biden’s approval ratings decline, a well-known liberal Latino group is investing $57 million to mobilize Latino voters in support of the president.

The organization that oversees the Somos PAC, Somos Votantes, said NBC News that $33 million of the amount will go toward enlisting the help of Latinos in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin in support of Biden and other Democrats.

Expanding voter education initiatives will be funded with the remaining funds.

As per Melissa Morales, President of Somos Votantes, “Elections are really won and lost on the margins, so in order to win on the margins, we’re going to have to actually talk to those voters on the margins, including Latinos.”

The group spent roughly $33 million during the 2020 election; the current amount is much more.

Somos Votantes advertises itself as “a Latino-led, Latino-focused organization aimed at empowering hardworking Latino voters year-round to participate in our nation’s democracy by taking action in their own communities.”

The endeavor is a reflection of Biden’s waning support, particularly from underrepresented groups like Latinos. According to recent polls, the margins among Black, Asian, and Latino voters are narrowing for the former president Donald Trump.

In an attempt to make up for the setback, the president has been actively campaigning for Hispanic votes. Last month, he traveled to several predominantly Latino areas in the Southwest.


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