Cobb County School Board Cancels $50M Event Center Project
Image By: FOX 5 Atlanta

Cobb County School Board Cancels $50M Event Center Project

Cobb County school administrators opted not to proceed with the $50 million event center project. Tuesday’s meeting, which was called especially, resulted in the decision.

The 8,000-seat arena, which would have hosted graduations and other district events, would have been constructed near to the district headquarters.

“With the growing population and with 17 high schools, I still think there’s a need for it in the future,” board member Randy Scamihorn stated.

Although he still thinks the event center is a good idea, board member Randy Scamihorn notes that circumstances have changed since the center’s original designs were developed.

“Our revenue has decreased significantly from last year to this year based on the slowing of the economy, couple that with the inflation rate,” Scamihorn stated.

Superintendent Chris Ragsdale stated, “The economy has changed in the last two years and our financial decisions have to change with it,” during a meeting on Tuesday.

“I think the superintendent made the right decision to pull back,” board member Tre Hutchins stated.

According to Hutchins, there has been strong opposition to the plan from locals.

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Hutchins stated that, “Listening to constituents around the county in regard to needs for daily operations and needs for schools that need improvements, this project felt more like a wish and not a necessity.”

Observing the Funds Cobb members voiced their concerns at board sessions for months, frequently questioning the necessity of the structure. They are happy with the choice, but they are not yet lowering their guard.

“The timing is very odd. 4 of the 7 board members are up for re-election in a few months. We’re worried they might bring it back once the election is over, but we just don’t know,” Efrat stated.

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