Discover Your Dream Haven: Top Picks for Living in West Virginia!

Discover Your Dream Haven: Top Picks for Living in West Virginia!

West Virginia is a state of contrasts and breathtaking scenery, sometimes referred to as the “heart of Appalachia.” The rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty of the Mountain State beckons, from the tranquil lowlands of the Ohio River to the untamed peaks of the Allegheny Mountains.

Whether you’re drawn to the lively local scene, the small-town charm, or the outdoor activities, this article will help you locate the ideal place to call home in West Virginia.

Come along with us as we explore the hidden treasures of the state, where a peaceful, contented living is only around the corner.


The affordable housing market, low cost of living, and low crime rate in the city are all as delightful as an apple. Vienna, a city of 10,642 people, has a typical income of $62,979 and a median home value of $174,695. The $819 median rent is a reflection of the cost of living.

Vienna’s 5.8% unemployment rate is comparatively low, suggesting a steady economy. In spite of this, the neighborhood still has an 8.9% poverty rate, indicating the existence of socioeconomic inequality.


Bridgeport was first incorporated in 1816 and has grown and prospered over the years, all the while maintaining a low cost of living and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state.

Discover Your Dream Haven Top Picks for Living in West Virginia!

With 9,255 residents, Bridgeport has a median house value of $269,583 and a median income of $96,063. Bridgeport has an incredibly low 1.6% unemployment rate with a $1,195 median rent.

Bridgeport’s poverty rate, at 5.6%, is comparatively low given its economic stability and reflects the community’s principles of social welfare and prosperity.

St. Albans

The Kanawha River makes St. Albans one of the best, but for those seeking a classic West Virginia experience, this community offers excellent amenities at reasonable prices.

With 10,753 residents, St. Albans is defined by a median home value of $138,016 and a median income of $60,524. At $931 per month, the median rent is comparatively low when compared to some nearby neighborhoods.

But as evidenced by the 6.2% unemployment rate and the 12.0% poverty rate, there are economic difficulties. St. Albans continues to pursue economic stability and prosperity while retaining a strong sense of community in spite of these obstacles.

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Hurricane, a town of 6,908 people, has a typical income of $70,861 and a median home value of $240,660. With a cost of living ranking of 94, it is 0.9 times less expensive than the national average, which attracts residents looking for affordability.

Discover Your Dream Haven Top Picks for Living in West Virginia!

Hurricane’s $856 typical rent provides individuals who aren’t quite ready to buy with a decent place to live. The town’s steady employment market, which supports residents’ financial security, keeps the unemployment rate at 3.1%.

Hurricane’s poverty rate of 10.9% indicates continued difficulties in guaranteeing everyone’s financial well-being in spite of these advantageous circumstances.

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New Martinsville

With 5,210 residents, New Martinsville has a median house value of $135,488 and a typical income of $50,235. The median rent paid by residents is usually $706.

Nevertheless, the region still has problems: the unemployment rate is 6.7%, and the poverty rate is 17.2%. These figures demonstrate both the advantages and the difficulties that characterize life in New Martinsville.

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To Conclude

West Virginia has an amazing array of bustling cities and quaint communities to fit a range of lifestyles. Every location has a distinct personality, from Bridgeport’s strong economy to Vienna’s affordability.

Even while there is economic inequality in some places, there is a strong sense of community and a shared commitment to a better future.

West Virginia’s hidden gems await, offering the opportunity to live somewhere that flawlessly combines contemporary amenities with small-town charm, whether your preference is for a busy marketplace or a serene getaway amidst stunning nature.

Now go explore and find the ideal retreat in West Virginia that offers a tranquil, happy existence.