Driver Arrested in Miami-Dade PD Chase Following Kidnap Attempt of a Woman
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Driver Arrested in Miami-Dade PD Chase Following Kidnap Attempt of a Woman

Authorities in northwest Miami-Dade stated that a guy was taken into custody on Sunday for attempting to kidnap someone and assaulting a law enforcement officer.

The man, identified as Hialeah resident Yenier Cruz, 33, was discovered by Miami-Dade police with his automobile parked on Northwest 32nd Avenue, obstructing traffic, according to an arrest record. As the sergeant approached Cruz’s vehicle and shifted into reverse, he saw Cruz strike a woman seated in the driver’s seat.

The victim started to call for assistance when they opened the car door, according to the police. The sergeant was attempting to pull Cruz over when Cruz leaped into the driver’s seat and ran away.

Cruz began the pursuit by traveling north on 32nd Avenue, ignoring all stop signs and several traffic lights as he continued on to other streets, according to the police.

According to the arrest document, Cruz finally crossed Northwest 57th Avenue, 42nd Avenue, and 37th Avenue.

Cruz started driving east on Northwest 132nd Avenue from 38th Street after the search, according to the police. Midway through the block, Cruz noticed a police officer following him, so he sideswiped his car, forcing the officer to drive off the road and strike an elevated concrete median.

Cruz then lost control of the vehicle, heading in the officer’s direction and ultimately colliding with the officer’s vehicle twice, according to the authorities.

Cruz reportedly got out of the car in Opa-locka and dropped a clear plastic wrap containing three grams of what appeared to be “crack rock” and cash.

Cruz attempted to elude capture, but according to the police, he was tackled and put on the ground. Officers punched him in the head and shoulder after he turned over on his stomach and refused to put his hands behind his back, according to the authorities.

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Cruz subsequently turned himself in and consented to be handcuffed by the police, according to the arrest record.

Four more little packets containing four grams of probable crack cocaine were discovered by police on the floor of his car, according to the report.

When the woman was eventually found by authorities again, she claimed that Cruz was striking her and groping her breast because he was interested in having sex. According to the complaint, the woman reportedly told police that Cruz was shoving, beating, and pushing her while he tried to get her into the passenger seat so they could leave.

Cruz is charged with one offense of possessing crack cocaine, one count of evading authorities, one count of assaulting an officer, and one count of attempting to abduct a person.

Cruz was being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center as of Monday, with no bond of $6,500. Cruz has previously been charged with one case of third-degree grand theft, one offense of resisting an officer without using violence, and one act of criminal mischief, according to the records.


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