Ex-Eatonville Officer Accused of Assaulting Woman in Front of Toddler
Image By: WFTV

Ex-Eatonville Officer Accused of Assaulting Woman in Front of Toddler

A mother is accused of being attacked by an Eatonville police officer in front of her two-year-old kid. It demonstrated that the claims were accurate and that his behavior was deemed inappropriate.

In August, the incident took place in front of a daycare facility.

After that, he was given permission to retire, and the city has subsequently made a compensation offer to the woman, but she demands further responsibility.

An ordinary school drop-off was transformed into a purported assault.

Jocelyn Pitts stated that as Sergeant Roy Smith drew up behind her, rolled down his window, and called her over, she was bending over to get her son out of the car.

“He’s like, ‘What’s wrong with you? Smile, I’m trying to talk to you.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t want to talk, what do you want?'” Pitts stated.

Pitts turned down Smith’s approaches more than once. Then, she revealed to her two-year-old son that the unthinkable had occurred.

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“He jumped out of the car and said, ‘Give me your license and registration,'” Pitts stated. “I said for what this wasn’t a traffic stop, you tried to flirt and talk to me I don’t want to talk, ‘he said I want your license and registration.'”

Pitts claimed that rather than Smith escorting her to the squad car, Smith swung her in the direction of the daycare’s wall and tugged her hair.

Pitts displayed the wounds inflicted by Sergeant Roy Smith as well as the $500 the department gave her for waiving all of her claims against the town and the workers involved in the August incident.

“If I’m not my own advocate,” Pitts stated. ‘No one is going to advocate for me.”

Smith was permitted to retire by the department prior to the conclusion of the investigation.

“They just said he’s not re-hirable,” Pitts stated. “That’s not good enough.”

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