Exclusive Channel 9's Daralene Jones on Patrol During Orlando Police Shooting

Exclusive: Channel 9’s Daralene Jones on Patrol During Orlando Police Shooting

Channel 9 anchor Daralene Jones experienced a harrowing event late Friday night while on assignment with Orlando police and Police Chief Eric Smith. The incident took place just a few feet away from them when two officers were shot.

The shooting occurred less than two blocks away from the downtown precinct, where Jones had been invited by Chief Smith to join them on patrol as part of a special report focusing on his first year as chief.

Equipped with a bulletproof vest, Jones gained a firsthand perspective of the challenges officers face and how swiftly situations can escalate. She attended a briefing with an additional 35 officers who were working extra shifts to maintain safety in downtown Orlando.

Chief Eric Smith regularly joins his officers on patrol, and on that particular Friday night, he happened to be with the unit when the incident unfolded. The officers received their assigned positions, emphasizing the importance of watching out for each other and staying safe.

Apart from the officers already on patrol, 10 bike officers and a tactical unit temporarily reassigned from other neighborhoods were also vigilant in the area, ensuring the safety of nighttime crowds and setting up barricades.

Approximately 10 minutes later, they received a call about a foot chase happening less than two blocks away. The situation quickly escalated with gunshots fired and a vehicle pursuit on I-4.

In response, Chief Eric Smith and a sergeant hurriedly joined the chase, only to learn moments later that two officers had been shot. Jones and others present heard the distressing sound of gunshots.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, other officers swiftly rushed the wounded officers to the trauma center at Orlando Health.

Jones’ video above captures more of her intense experience during this incident.

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